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Mobile Satellite Connection Offers Next Generation HD Transmission with Adtec mediaHUB-HD 422 Encoder

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Adtec Digital_logoMobile Satellite Connection and Adtec Digital are working together to prove what MPEG 4 AVC has to offer clients. Utilizing Adtec’s multi-CODEC mediaHUB™-HD 422 multi-format encoders, Mobile Satellite Connection has several MPEG 4 AVC based HD transmission solutions tested and ready.

Mobile Satellite Connection discovered in Adtec Digital a perfect partner to help engineer the next generation of ground-breaking transmission solutions.

“Finally someone is putting all of the tools and all of the options necessary into a single box so that we can offer our clients both expanded capability and maximum flexibility in fulfilling their transmissions needs,” said Eric Kludt, Technical Manager at Mobile Satellite Connection.

“For almost a quarter of a century, Adtec has focused on customers and their needs. Our products are their products,” said Kevin Ancelin, President of Adtec Digital. “We fully respect their industry expertise and integrate their requirements and feedback in all we do. This process is significantly larger than creating a product. It’s a relationship that is mutually beneficial and yields significant results for all involved.”

Mobile Satellite Connection built their reputation within the industry by helping clients in the HD, SD and IP arenas find solutions to maximize data while minimizing costs. The company remains dedicated to continuing the tradition of testing new equipment and utilizing cutting-edge technologies.  Now that HD video transmissions are common, the next frontier is providing multi-path HD or multi-path combination feeds.

Mobile Satellite Connection has successfully proven the feasibility of utilizing the latest technologies to provide multi-path HD signals on a single transponder or multi-path HD signals utilizing multiple transponders.

The mediaHUB™-HD 422 enables Mobile Satellite Connection to offer contribution level HD video in a 9 MHz slot. This option offers significant savings in satellite time for international broadcasts as well as opening up some very exciting multi-path possibilities. Another application involves transmitting raw camera footage back via multi-path HD on a single transponder to save on on-site production costs. By combining MPEG 4 AVC with DVB-S2 technology, the company is able to increase the amount of throughput available to offer the maximum flexibility to their clients.

“This has been a fantastic opportunity for our company,” said Rhea Thomas, Operations Manager at Mobile Satellite Connection. “Our relationship with Adtec Digital is allowing us to expand our MPEG 2 capabilities by outfitting the entire fleet with HD equipment and, at the same time, giving us the opportunity to become early adopters of the new MPEG 4 technology.”

Offering the highest-quality and most flexible encoding features of Adtec’s seasoned encoder line-up, the mediaHUB™-HD 422 is a high and standard definition multi-CODEC work-horse. With the ability to encode any combination of HD or SD, MPEG 2 or MPEG 4 AVC with 4:2:0 or 4:2:2 color space, the the mediaHUB™-HD 422 supports past, present and future requirements. With support for 40 encoding profiles and auto-detection capability for resolution and frame rate, the mediaHUB™-HD 422 is ideal for contribution, distribution or studio encoding. Its rugged design makes it ideal for mobile contribution applications. The front panel LCD provides status monitoring and the push button interface allows easy configuration changes. An on-board web-based control application offers ease of use for distribution and studio encoding. This all-in-one rack mountable unit is designed with standards compliance in mind and can easily be integrated with other leading broadcast gear.

Since its inception, Mobile Satellite Connection has continued to pursue the goal of new technologies. Mobile Satellite Connection led the way in the movement from analog to digital, assisting several networks in making the transition. A few years later, as technologies changed, MSC was again at the forefront, leading the way as the industry made the move to HD. Not only was MSC involved in the early stages of HD testing and early adoption for live event transmissions, the company also pioneered numerous solutions including the first HD/SD combined transmission, the first HD/multi-path SD, and the first HD/HD transmission – and all of these solutions utilize a single transponder. For more information, visit

Adtec Digital is a leading developer of digital and IPTV products and solutions including encoders, decoders, multiplexers, ad servers and management servers. With over 23 years experience in media distribution and control, Adtec offers customers rock solid engineering, powerful features and the ability to generate unmatched bottom line revenue. Adtec Digital offers innovative technology that grows with the needs of customers and advances of the industry. For more information, visit

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