Saturday, December 2, 2023

COLLEVO Unveils Powerful Remote All-in-One LCD PC for Digital Signage

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Collevo Inc., a professional provider of digital signage turkey solution, recently announced a new highly integrated solution for digital signage, the All-in-One LCD PC. This introduction establishes a new level of remote control and efficiency for installers using Collevo digital signage products.

The All-in-One LCD PC Solutions facilitates the creation of a powerful medium that offers dedicated out-of-home digital signage appliances to capture an audience’s attention at key decision-making locations. It also provides project owners with more choices of business model corresponding to the emerging market and versatile applications. The turnkey system offers a complete solution comprising of Industrial SBC hardware, OS and device management software. In terms of signage appliance with remote management and available Internet/Intranet connectivity, deployment is quick and location is easily changed.

Featured with one power to control the entire system from physical remote controller, WDT (WatchDog Timer) and WOL (Wake On Lan) supports for easy remote management, low power consumption & industrial-grade design for durability, touch panel for option, fully integrated hardware system for complete compatibility and highly reliable with longevity components, the All-in-One LCD PC is absolutely an ideal solution for digital signage and information kiosk.

About Collevo
Collevo Inc. specializes in Digital Signage Turkey Solution which needs supreme display technologies and expertise to provide turnkey solutions for diverse applications. As a trusted collaborative partner, Collevo continues to be on the technological forefront by utilizing high level engineering and management knowledge. In our deep spirit, nothing is more important than customer satisfaction. We work closely with our customers for each project to meet those particular domain applications and operations in extreme critical environments. For more information on Collevo’s products and services, please visit


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