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Txtstation to offer real-time texting for ANC Sports ribbon boards and video screens

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Txtstation_logoTxtstation Mobile Marketing today announced an agreement with ANC Sports Enterprises to provide real-time mobile phone texting to ribbon boards and video screens in collegiate and professional sports venues.

The new relationship provides teams and stadium owners using ANC’s light emitting diode (LED) and DLP® signage systems with the option of using Txtstation Mobile Marketing’s real-time texting for voting and other text to screen applications.  The Txtstation Mobile solution feeds real-time data through ANC’s patent-pending VisionSOFT operating system to display the voting results and text messages instantaneously on video screens, ribbon boards, or the DLP® Courtside Digital Signage System.

“ANC has developed a reputation as a leader in the sports venue signage market through innovative software applications and state-of-the-art digital displays,” said Michael Falato, the Vice President of Sales and Business Development, Txtstation. “We are looking forward to engaging fans for both of our partners with Txtstation’s dynamic, real-time in-venue texting application.”

The Txtstation Mobile solution will allow fans to directly interact with each other and corporate partners through various mobile text to screen applications such as polling the game’s Most Valuable Player, best defensive play, or even sending personal messages to be displayed on the screen.

“We are excited to be able to offer our venues the option of using the Txtstation mobile texting service as we continue to explore and develop the newest technologies that enhance the live event experience,” said Mark Stross, Executive Vice President of Technology Development, ANC Sports Enterprises.

The Txtstation Mobile Marketing platform will be immediately available to all ANC partner venues.

About ANC Sports

ANC Sports Enterprises, LLC is the industry leader in team and venue services, providing integrated signage, design, and marketing solutions for sports and commercial facilities. ANC Sports and its divisions: ANC Technologies, ANC Design, and ANC Marketing, offer Light Emitting Diode (LED), rotational and fixed visual displays; advanced media control systems; signage operation and maintenance; advertising sales and marketing consultation; graphic design; and printing production. ANC Sports provides signage solutions for 150 plus venues/stadiums in North America. For more information on ANC Sports, please visit its web site at

About Txtstation:

Txtstation is an international company with U.S. offices in Austin, Los Angeles, Denver, and Auckland, New Zealand.

Since 2001 Txtstation has been at the forefront of mobile interactivity – creating integrated campaigns that combine the passion of live broadcasts and events with the ubiquity of mobile messaging.  Txtstation allows broadcasters, event owners, sponsors and general media to interact with viewers or fans directly through their mobile phones.  Recent high profile events that have engaged Txtstation’s technology and services include the AFL Playoffs and Championship, Democratic National Convention in Denver, Los Angeles Dodgers, UFC 92, Florida Citrus Football Classic, SEC and ACC Football Championship Games, and the Live Earth Concerts produced by Al Gore.  As such, the Txtstation platform proved a reliable and integral part of two of the largest and most successful uses of mobile marketing in the world to date.

Real-time video examples are located at illustrating ways in which our technology-enabled platform of innovative, leading edge mobile marketing solutions has worked for brands, advertisers and events on-site and on-screen.

*Interactivity for audiences that enhance their overall experience

*Unique and integrated mobile marketing campaigns for brands to ensure they reach their target market at the right time and in the right place

*Meaningful results through real-time reporting and analysis that quantifies campaign effectiveness and ROI

*Opportunities for our clients to opt-in fans and viewers into their CRM databases

*Reverse look up data on consumers in order to craft specialized messages

Source: Txtstation

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