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alive Magazine Develops Content and Sales Partnership with Planet-Tek Systems and The Marketplace Station

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The Marketplace Station_logoPartnership will focus on servicing marketers in the natural health industry with a multi-platform approach for advertising campaigns

alive Magazine, a leading publication in the natural health industry and Planet-Tek Systems, an in-store digital signage specialist, are pleased to announce a partnership that will focus on extending communications to The Marketplace Station digital program deployed at select Whole Food Market and other affiliated natural health retail locations with editorial content and advertising sales. For alive, the partnership will primarily service marketers with a leading multi-platform approach that covers print, online, and now even in-store digital signage communications where many of their clients market and sell their products. For Planet-Tek Systems, the partnership will primarily strengthen their in-store programming elements by transforming monthly editorial topics covered in alive Magazine and its online site into condensed full-motion segments with topics ranging from nutrition, health, environment, and holistic issues.

Together the partnership is aimed to provide a seamless process for a marketer to extend out-of-home campaigns into contextual retail promotions under a uniform process. “Partnering with alive Magazine, a respected 34-year-old organization and trusted resource in the natural health industry for editorial and product information, is a perfect complement to our business,” says Raji Kalra, Managing Director of The Marketplace Station. “The ultimate benefactor of the partnership will not only be the marketer but also the consumer who can read about new product trends through alive platforms before coming to the store and now have it further addressed at retail through The Marketplace Station.”

“alive has evolved to become more than just a magazine publisher, but rather a content provider,” says Alex Karch, Marketing Manager, alive Magazine. “In today’s digital era, marketers are looking for an efficient approach to communicate campaigns at every consumer touchpoint. Digital signage technology allows us to take an integrated approach to adapt creative content to reach the target audience across all of these platforms.”

The aggregated force of all three platforms along the path to purchase is expected to reach a monthly audience of over 1,000,000 consumers. Planet-Tek’s use of innovative digital technology provides measurable campaign analytics from overall network viewership right down to specific campaign performance. Both organizations also plan to present a uniform editorial calendar to provide marketers with simplified campaign planning initiatives throughout the year.

About alive Magazine

With a reputation for leadership and integrity that spans over 34 years, alive is Canada’s foremost natural health, wellness, and lifestyle magazine. Every month half a million people turn to the latest issue of alive to keep themselves up-to-date with current trends. People who want to take control over one of the most important contributors to a good life-their health-use alive as their indispensable resource. From alternative medicine, nutrition, natural therapies, and homeopathy to exercise, weight loss, and emotional well-being, alive is committed to providing the best natural health publication in Canada.

About Planet-Tek Systems and The Marketplace Station

The Marketplace Station concept, owned and operated by Planet-Tek Systems, is privately held in Ontario, Canada. Since 2002 Planet-Tek, a specialist in digital signage management solutions, has built a trusted reputation in the IT industry through providing clients with computers, servers, and networking services. Planet-Tek Systems will be expanding its managed services across Whole Food Market locations and other leading retail affiliate locations to continue offering marketers the ability to reach their target demographic through highly targeted media such as digital signage.

For more information, please contact
The Marketplace Station(TM)
Press Contact: Raji Kalra
Managing Director
416.860.1100 or Mobile: 416.710.8606
raji.kalra [at]

Source: The Marketplace Station

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