Thursday, June 13, 2024

Digital OOH coming to Mumbai commuter trains

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Digital signage will soon start to appear on one of the world’s busiest commuter train networks, the Western and Central Railways in Mumbai.

Hype Integrated Communication has won the contract to install and operate screens in the passenger carriages of Mumbai’s suburban trains or “locals”.

Six LCD displays in each compartment will show entertainment, competitions and advertising, updated wirelessly.

Hype, part of Reddy Group, expects to go live with the network – which could eventually extend to as many as 12,000 screens – in about three months, according to local reports.

The Western and Central systems, part of state-operated Indian Railways, are gradually replacing their rolling stock with new carriages, and it is understood that the development of the digital-signage network will run alongside this project.

Hype also has contracts to provide non-digital advertising on other Indian transport networks, including hand grabs on buses in Mumbai, Pune and Bangalore, as well as ads on bus shelters in the latter two cities.

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Source: Hype OOH

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