Saturday, September 23, 2023

Advantech launches first Intel eMenlow XL-based digital signage player

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Advantech ARK-DS302_DSA-3020_digital signage playerAdvantech’s first Intel eMenlow XL fanless digital signage player, the DSA-3020, is positioned for value, with advanced features and affordable pricing. The compact, low-power, fanless design and enhanced video performance make it the ideal platform for e-services applications such as digital signage, ATM, kiosks, self- service or public services stations.

Low power consumption and fanless design
DSA-3020 uses the latest Intel eMenlow platform consisting of an integrated two-chip solution with the Silverthorne processor and Poulsbo chipset. The Poulsbo is a low-power chipset with integrated graphics. The fanless design of the DSA-3020 further enhances its reliability for mission-critical deployment, and the compact, low-profile housing makes DSA-3020 easy to install in any space-constrained environment. It can be easily mounted behind display devices or touchscreens of any size. DSA-3020 is also a “green compliance” product, consuming less than 10W of power per system.

Supports full high-definition video decoding
With the built-in Intel graphics media accelerator 500 (GMA 500), the DSA-3020 is designed to support full HD video playback and image processing up to 1080p. The integrated video decoder is able to accelerate major video formats like MPEG-4 or H.264. For optimal performance, an HD decoder module can be integrated with DSA-3020, leading to smoother multimedia playback performance up to Blu-ray level HD quality.

Multiple features for even more value
An optional WLAN module or TV-tuner module can be added to the DSA-3020 system via the mini PCIe interface. Advantech has also fine-tuned the BIOS and XP embedded images, and designed a watchdog timer (WDT) feature to help the system recover from fatal errors. In the near future, Advantech will also offer remote device management software with the DSA-3020 to enhance scalability and overall system robustness.

The DSA-3020 is an open, x86-based platform that is compatible with leading Windows-based digital signage software. Advantech also makes the DSA-3020 available as a Linux-ready platform. More info: x86-based Digital Signage Platform


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