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ATEN Technology Unveils Digital Signage Solution Capable of Connecting Thousands of Monitors within 1500 Feet

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Aten CAT5 Audio-Video Splitter_1 Aten CAT5 Audio-Video Splitter_2ATEN Technology, Inc. today announced here at Interop Las Vegas 2009 a new digital signage solution that distributes high-quality video and audio content to up to 3,000 displays over CAT5 from a single input source. The new ATEN Media Distribution Solution is cascadable to three levels and can support thousands of displays located up to 1500 feet from the source while maintaining excellent picture and sound quality.

8-port CAT5 Audio/Video Splitter
VS1504/1508:CAT5 Audio/Video Splitter
16-Port CAT5 5-User IP KVM
VS1504/1508: CAT5 Audio/Video Splitter
32-Port CAT5 5-User IP KVM
VB552: VGA Over CAT5 Repeater + Audio

Flexible and scalable, the ATEN Media Distribution Solution is ideal for hotels, airports, convention halls and other large-scale facilities. It provides a central solution to deliver high-quality video output that can be used for customized retail media networks, public information systems, point of sale (POS), infotainment and finance. Displays can be mounted strategically in the most optimal locations, while the hardware providing the multimedia content remains secure in a remote location for easy servicing and maintenance. The digital signage solution features two serial RS-232 channels enabling fully interactive installations with touch screen displays.

The ATEN Media Distribution Solution consists of the following hardware components:

* CAT5 Audio/Video Splitter (VS1504/VS1508) – four and eight-port CAT5 audio/video splitters
* VGA over CAT5 Repeater + Audio (VB552)– CAT5 audio/video signal extension device

“Digital signage technology continues to evolve, and helps retailers and a variety of organizations create immersive customer experiences that support point-of-sale and content delivery applications,” said John Owen, director of sales, ATEN Technology, Inc. “We designed the ATEN Media Distribution Solution to help customers extend high-quality audio and video streams and other applications to key locations throughout large-scale venues.”

Sample scenarios depicting the use of the ATEN Media Distribution Solution:

* Interactive kiosks to display news and information, and provide services at ATMs
* Distribute audio/video to several televisions in electronics retail showrooms
* Display movie trailers and advertisements at cinemas/theatres
* Sports bars, bowling alleys and fitness clubs to distribute video throughout venue
* Banks to display information for customers
* Airports, railways and other public transportation areas to display schedules and information for travelers

Pricing & Availability

Available now, the VB552 and VS1504 or VS1508 are competitively priced at $299.95 and $799.95, respectively, and are backed by a three-year warranty program.
ATEN Technology is showcasing its Media Distribution Solution as well as previewing a new SME-specific 24-port IP KVM and software-based IP management solution at this week’s Interop Las Vegas 2009 conference at booth #2213. For an overview of ATEN’s new and upcoming products, please visit:

About ATEN Technology, Inc.
ATEN Technology, Inc. is a leading innovator and worldwide provider of high-quality KVM and remote connectivity products for SMB (small-to-medium business) and enterprise-level environments. With nearly three decades of industry expertise, profitable growth, and a portfolio of nearly 350 patents worldwide, ATEN offers network administrators the most comprehensive solutions for managing their growing IT environments. Our product line includes a wide range of KVM switches that vary from 2 through 32 ports, a full line of IP based products, integrated LCD consoles, video solutions, and data communication.

We are a true manufacturer, which gives us the flexibility and ability to respond quickly to individual customer needs. This also enables us to provide scalable solutions that accommodate any organization, regardless of size. We provide dedicated 24/7 technical support, and a rock-solid 3-year warranty on all of our products (7 year warranty on 2 & 4 Port KVMs). Our commitment to research and development ensures constant innovation, and secures our place in the industry well into the future.

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