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ZetaDisplay is supplying a media platform for Digital Signage to a tools chain in Denmark

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ZetaDisplay logoTOPCO is a voluntary purchasing organisation and chain centre for the BESLACO chain in Denmark. The chain has signed an agreement with ZetaDisplay in respect of the supply of the company’s media platform for Digital Signage to all 18 BESLACO stores.

By investing in Digital Signage, TOPCO wants to follow up the BESLACO chain’s national marketing campaign all the way into the stores, where customers make their choices. At the same time they see a great benefit in being able to inform their customers about the company and its offers.

“We are pleased to be a selected supplier to TOPCO, which is actively engaged on the professional market for craft work and industry. We are convinced that this is a breakthrough for the segment and that henceforth there will be more such business to follow in the Nordic countries. We are also delighted at the progress we are making in Denmark, which is at the moment an interesting market,” says Leif Liljebrunn, CEO ZetaDisplay AB (publ).

ZetaDisplay is in an expansive phase and has positioned itself in the market by being able to show markedly increased sales and improving communication for its clients by means of the company’s media platform for Digital Signage.

ZetaDisplay is a leading supplier of Digital Signage within retailing and in public environments in the Nordic market. ZetaDisplay has about 40 employees and has continued in recent years to grow in Sweden, while having subsidiaries in Denmark, Norway and Finland.

Source: ZetaDisplay

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