June 3, 2023


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EZSMS: SMS Integrated with Digital Signage

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UCView_logoDigital Signage integrated with text messaging (SMS) has grown into a mainstream advertising and communication tools for advertisers and content providers, ROI via SMS marketing has become increasingly important strategy for digital signage deployment businesses. Whether you have one display or hundreds of digital signage displays. You can deliver information through your network while receiving feedback from your customers.  Savvy advertisers realize text messaging is a great way to quickly communicate with their audience and generate ROI statistics on the ads response.

Mobile technology will soon be at the focus of media advertising convergence with digital signage. All mobile phones today are capable of sending and receiving text messages. Therefore it makes SMS the most distributable and fastest way to reach people. Furthermore using MMS technology, you can extend the media type to pictures and video type ads.

UCView EZSMS_SMS Integrated with Digital Signage_1 UCView EZSMS_SMS Integrated with Digital Signage_2UCView Built-in Messaging campaigns allow you to create parallel campaigns using digital signage ads and SMS ads. The UCView system allows integrating and administering them on one web interface. With EZSMS application you can turn any cell phone account to SMS server that can send and receive thousands of messages free. The system allows you to use short codes or regular phone numbers for SMS responds.

Some of UCView EZSMS Features

EZSMS gives you full control of your SMS campaigns and ads.

Online web interface to Setup new promotional ads and automated responses.

Support Short Code and any cell phone account.

Use UCView short code along with a chosen keyword, like saving, refinance, to capture consumers both via text messages as well as branding campaigns on the digital signage screens

Create your text message ad within a couple of minutes using UCView web interface. Link SMS ad to a digital signage ad and provide your advertiser full impression report combined with SMS respond report.

What does this mean for the future of digital signage and SMS? The answer is clear: Digital signage networks will integrate their ads with mobile response. Don’t wait and start planning your SMS marketing strategy. UCView can provide you all the knowledge and support to reach your advertising goals. Once you’re familiar with our products, you’ll discover how easy it is to merge these two applications, especially when they are both controlled from the same web interface.

Source: UCView