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AOpen Quick Silver Digital Engine DE2700 – Best Atom Based Player for Turnkey Solution

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AOpen Digital Engine DE2700AOpen Quick Silver DE2700 is the easy-to-assemble Digital Engine with built-in processor and memory. Quick Silver DE2700 combines features, which include the latest Intel® technology, to suit the most demanding digital signage or kiosk applications.

This AOpen Digital engine is the best solution for system integrators, value added resellers and full solution providers in the digital signage market. AOpen Quick Silver DE2700 is positioned at the value segment market with affordable pricing.AOpen “Turnkey” Solution

The main feature of AOpen Quick Silver DE2700 is developed to facilitate the assembly process. This Digital Engine has an Atom N270 processor and 1 GB DDR memory pre-installed on board. Additionally, it is equipped with a quick bay on the front panel for 2.5-inch SATA hard-disk and CF slot. This allows to slide in the hard disk during the assembly, without opening the case. HDD and CF card with pre-loading OS and signage software made by SI/VAR can be inserted easily by end-customers without any hassle. Therefore, DE2700 is ideal play for SI/VAR to offer “Turnkey” solution.

High-Definition Support

Additional features of the AOpen Quick Silver DE2700 for HD content reproduction includes a DVI-I interface to support dual display content, media content support up to 480P/720P, and an optional Broadcom H.264 high-definition accelerator mini-card.1080P playback is also supported.

Multiple Features

AOpen Quick Silver DE2700 has excellent expansion possibilities. Therefore, it can be equipped with an optional wireless and TV tuner card (mini-card slot). The full range of AOpen digital engines is equipped with features like, RS232, 2 independent display ports and hardware Watch Dog Timer (a mechanism to help the system to recover from fatal errors). In order to minimize mechanical break-downs, AOpen Quick Silver DE2700 is fanless.

AOpen Green Product

AOpen Digital Engine Quick Silver DE2700 belongs to the AOpen Green Product range, complying with Energy Star 4.0. Energy Star is an officially recognized way to save money through energy efficiency and help the environment without sacrificing the performance. The Energy Star standard has been developed to save energy at home and office. Through an energy-efficient design of hardware and system components, it is guaranteed the system will use less energy to perform tasks, and will enter low-power modes, when not in use.

AOpen Accessories – Titan One

Next to Digital Engines, AOpen is also offering a full range of accessories required for digital signage and kiosk applications. With optional accessories like a Mini Card Wireless Kit, Mini Card TV-tuner, Mini Card HD Accelerator, Digital Engine Mounting Kits, and a variety of cables, AOpen Digital Engine can be configured to serve all needs. AOpen offers a specially designed mounting option, called Titan One, allowing the fixation of the display and digital engine onto the wall or ceiling. Other features of the AOpen Titan One include screen rotation, which enables the display to be viewed in a portrait position and allows view angle adjustment of the wall mount up to 20 degrees. The unique design of AOpen Titan One enables the slide in of the system, including cables and power supply, for easy system maintenance and efficient usage of the narrow space. Cable management has also been taken into consideration by the AOpen R&D team.

AOpen Accessories – Engine Core

AOpen digital engines can be used for single and multiple applications. For server room or multichannel purposes AOpen has developed the Engine Core. In simple words, AOpen Engine Core is a 19-inch 4U rack mount for up to 6 digital engines as a stand-alone engine core tower. AOpen Engine Core offers excellent system air flow and includes a dust filter. Equipped with features, like AC power cord management, system cable management, key lock, easy system assembly and maintenance, AOpen Engine Core is a required feature for maximum utilization of AOpen digital engines.

About AOpen

In addition to providing uSFF Digital Engines, AOpen has cultivated a sophisticated ecosystem of premium solution providers along the distribution channels. To provide Digital Engines solutions, AOpen helps their alliances with displays, server/signage software, mounting equipment, and various accessories for digital signage. AOpen’s reputation as a digital signage specialist has been built upon its alliances, AOpen’s innovation and thinking two steps ahead, e.g. MoDT Technology emerging out of AOpen’s Green Tech Labs. As a result of its mounting number of success stories from the global digital signage market, AOpen extends its gratitude to its strategic alliances.

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