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Symon Dacon – Powering the Digital Signage Eco-System

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Symon Dacon, the EMEA arm of Symon Communications, Inc., is a world-class provider of innovative rich media digital signage solutions, driving a complete visual communications eco-system for any size of business. Display options including LCDs, plasmas, Information kiosks, way-finding, desktops, video walls, marquees, LED wallboards and door displays. Symon’s integrated communications system offers market leading applications with real-time data collection and display along with ground breaking interactivity making this signage portfolio truly ahead of the game.

Symon Dacon is actively seeking strategic vertically focused partners to resell and integrate this truly feature-rich and best of breed technology….

8,500 installations globally and 5 million viewers of Symon content daily means true experience and expertise with a proven and complete turnkey digital signage solution.

Symon research, develop and manufacture software and hardware specifically designed for purpose to ensure true quality and reliability. Additionally, Symon can also full project management, professional services, creative and content services, plus ongoing maintenance and support to ensure the success of your client’s project.

Symon Digital Signage is a truly flexible application, vital within many businesses, whether customer facing and enabling self service applications or in the back office providing vital real-time management information and employee communications.  The Symon versatile digital signage solution provides the back bone to any organisation’s complete digital signage eco-system. Please follow the links below to learn more:

Retail – Signage that delivers “branded” messages at the point-of-sale precisely targeted according to store zone, geographic location, season, customer demographics or any other metric that drives sales.
Financial Services – Differentiate your products and services with in-branch digital signage, allowing self service and interactivity.
Employee communications – Signage that influences behaviour, keeps employees engaged, informed and motivated.
Contact Centre – Empower your teams to work smarter than ever with real-time information from all of your systems, unified and visible for all.
Hospitality – Signage that promotes amenities and keep your guests engaged, entertained and informed.
Supply Chain – Signage that improves work performance by providing critical information to employees and management in real-time, not after the fact.

  • Update : In 2014 Symon Dacon changed the name to RMG Networks and not sure about their customers / systems transfers, if you wish you may contact for more info.

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