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eCAFtech audience measurement solutions get FUEL and run your Digital Signage at peak performance

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eCAFtech a Taiwan company that develops impactful media plans and strengthen programming on Digital Signage. In September, 2010 introduce an audience measurement solution DSVC (Digital Signage Viewer Counter) for small digital screens anywhere dynamic content and information adds value to a business or public service.

For campaign plans and programming to be successful, viewer behavior must be understood and actionable. eCAFtech DSVC rely on accurate image processing algorithms, can detect the face automatically through high-sensitive camera. This technology will get FUEL and run your Digital Signage at peak performance.

To compare with Nielsen TV Audience Measurement, eCAFtech Digital Signage Audience Measurement DSVC is easier to install and operate, can count the people actually looked at the digital signage over a period of time, that automatically detects and counts people from overhead cameras as they enter or exit an area of interest. DSVC system can continually transmit the real-time data to the Content Management System. It’s convenience, quick and precise. And the number of viewers can be used as the basis for charging advertisers, reduce the time and labor management costs effectively. DSVC is an ideal solution in counting digital signage ad viewers.

eCAFtech is taking the parts that have long been difficult to be measured, and pulling the pieces together to give marketing industry the capability to assess effectiveness of advertisement on digital signage. DSVC will be the best choice for advertising marketing and dissemination of digital advertising.

About eCAFtech

eCAFtech has devoted itself into the research of biometric identification technology since 2005 and we integrate our unique face recognition algorithms into the development of application products. In 2010 we have the powerful Face U host that utilizes the combination of two main recognition algorithms, the Principal Component Analysis with eigenface and Linear Discriminate Analysis, to achieve the fast and accurate recognition of each individual face.

Source: eCAFtech

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