February 4, 2023


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eCAFtech Partners with Nova Media to Install Digital Signage Audience Measurement Solution in Carrefour

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eCAFtech is a Taiwan company that focused on developing audience measurement in out of home digital signage industry. In January, 2011, eCAFtech has announced the new DS audience measurement solution DSVC-200 will be installed in Taiwan Carrefour for test.

While retail marketing certainly isn’t new to anybody involved with digital merchandising initiatives like touchscreen kiosks and digital retail signs, the advertising world at large traditionally hasn’t paid a lot of attention to it, instead choosing to focus on mass-media like TV, print and radio. eCAFtech’ s new DS audience measurement solutions DSVC-200 installed in retail will provide some unique and valuable insights on the shopping audience and its dynamics.

Consumer purchase decisions are, to a significant extent, made in-store, but the measurement of the results from marketing spending have generally failed to keep pace with technology. eCAFtech’ s DSVC-200 application can be installed around the digital signage in the retail market, it can detect viewers’ image through their webcam. When shoppers watch at the Ads on DS screen, the eye-catching time-interval and the Opportunity to see viewers (OTS) data will be record in the DSVC system. The viewer data is available from specified USB Flash Drive, after comparing in-store Ad playing time and viewer data, advertisers will know the actual ” efficiency of sales improvement, “so advertisers can get the actual Ad ROI.

For more information, please see our DSVC-200 demo in DSE Las Vegas show 2011. http://www.ecaftech.com/news.php

About eCAFtech

eCAF Technology, Inc. has devoted to research of biometric identification technology since 2005 and eCAFtech integrate unique face recognition algorithms into the development of application products. In 2010, eCAFtech has developed a powerful Face U host that utilizes the combination of two main recognition algorithms-Principal Component Analysis with eigenface and Linear Discriminate Analysis-to achieve at fast and accurate recognition of each individual face.

Source: eCAFtech

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