March 27, 2023

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EyeClick Brings the Wild West to Life at Diamond Children’s Medical Center

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The new wing at Diamond Children’s Medical Center celebrates the great symbols of Arizona. There is a three dimensional installation of Route 66, an educational mural with the scientific names of indigenous plants and animals, even a salute to the dinosaurs discovered in the state. EyeClick developed 5 stunning applications based on the desert theme to add a high-tech, interactive element to this one-of-a-kind hospital.

The installation is comprised of 4 projectors which are blended together to create one solid 32 foot (9.75meter) long projection on the medical center’s lobby wall. The dazzling landscape is colored by an array of applications. Kites, a motif of the center, gently float across the display following passers-by. Multicolored lizards and butterflies scatter when approached while friendly deer walk alongside visitors.  A desert sunset erupts in the presence of people then quickly fades away as they move on.

“It’s the hit of the lobby; I saw a little two year old glued to the wall for nearly 10 minutes,” said Vicki Began, Vice President of women’s, children’s, and emergency services. “It’s exactly what we wanted to achieve with this new center. We wanted to provide a place where children can be engaged in activities and have healthy distractions.”EyeClick CEO and Founder Ariel Almos shares, “The Diamond Children’s Medical Center is a place where children’s happiness comes first. EyeClick is delighted to have created this enchanting interactive panorama.”

For children, visiting a medical center or even the doctor’s office is often accompanied by fears and feelings of discomfort. That’s why EyeClick’s interactive displays are a perfect solution for brightening up areas and easing children’s fears during their visit to medical facilities, whether they’re awaiting medical treatment, or accompanying a family member. They help children cope by creating a fun, safe and amusing distraction, and a child-friendly environment. EyeClick systems are safer and support a germ free environment as there are no parts to touch or trip on. Children simply love playing and interacting with the system, thereby leaving their visit with a positive, memorable experience.

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