Sunday, September 24, 2023

Playmixes Expands Music Video Networks to 700 Screens with Aerva Technology

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Playmixes SA, a leading provider of music video networks in Mexico announced that it is powered by Aerva, Inc. digital signage technology to drive 700 screens in more than 10 cities around Mexico. Playmixes authors playlists of music videos interspersed with advertising in restaurant locations such as Chili’s, California Pizza Kitchen, Papa Bill’s, Mr Papa Bills, and night club locations such as Chocolate City, Loma Linda, Freedom, Ocean Drive, and Skybar. Playmixes selected Aerva technology after 2 years of testing other systems in the marketplace. “Aerva is an enterprise-class platform to deliver very large amount of music videos in hundreds of playlists with frequent changeover, seamlessly to hundreds of locations,” according to Walter Arias, co-founder and CEO of Playmixes.”Features such as audio-normalization between videos, randomization/shuffle and tagged playlists for various venues make our DJ’s work very easy and also allows us to do a lot of playlists for many venues with very few DJ working centrally,” said Arias, a veteran among DJs in Mexico.

“We are pleased to have such a strong presence in Mexico’s restaurant and club market through partners like Playmixes,” stated Sanjay Manandhar, CEO of Aerva. “Playmixes pushed the technical envelope of our platform since music videos must be easily crafted into ingenious playlists via a browser and they need to perform perfectly in both audio and video almost 24 hours/day for very discerning clientele.”

Luis Contreras, co-founder of Playmixes continued, “Aerva and their engineers provide superb support and listen to their customers’ needs. The speed and quality of Aerva support is on par with their high technical standards.”

Playmixes uses Aerva’s software-as-a-service (SaaS), all-web-based application using cloud computing backend infrastructure. Recently, Aerva also integrated its MoApp mobile platform with Mexican carriers so mobile and SMS applications can now co-exist with music video digital signage system.

About Playmixes
Playmixes SA was founded in 2007 by events specialists DJs Walter Arias and Luis Contreras who have been activating events in Mexico since 1991. Playmixes provides unique, licensed music video playlists delivered to restaurants and clubs via broadband to hi-def LCD screens, currently at 700. Customres include, Chili’s, California Pizza Kitch, Papa Bill’s, Mr Papa Bills, and night clubs locations such as Chocolate City, Loma Linda, Freedom, Ocean Drive, and Skybar in over 10 cities around Mexico.

About Aerva

Aerva is a pioneer in digital signage technology, enabling real-time interactivity between mobile applications and digital display networks. Founded by MIT alumni, Aerva provides the simplest to use, most powerful and most cost-effective solution to create small or large interactive display networks. The company’s software technologies, AerWave (for digital signage) and MoApp (for mobile applications), are highly scalable platforms that have been driving many display networks in the US and internationally since 2003. The company provides technology and manages networks for many customers in a number of industry verticals, such as retail, schools/universities, sports bars, clubs, hotels/hospitality, health clubs, bank branches and sports/entertainment venues.

Media Contact:
Jeannette Hon, media [at]
Aerva, Inc.

Source: Aerva Technology

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