Saturday, September 30, 2023

Aerva AerWave v4.5 release announcement!

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The AerWave v4.5 release brings new functionality as well as general enhancements to the user interface.

Now is the perfect time to purchase the AerWave digital displays network system with mobile and social media connectivity!

Here’s a quick look at the newest additions.

player screenshots

We’ve made it easier to manage your network by adding player screenshots. With this feature you can quickly monitor what’s showing across your network without visiting the location of your screens. This is a premium option, contact us if you’d like this enabled.

improved playlists playlists image

This version brings intelligent playlist control. Playlists now have play modes:

  • Play Duration: Play for the exact duration specified.
  • Play All: Play all the items in the playlist.
  • Play Max: Play at most the number of items specified.
  • Play Exactly: Play exactly the number of items specified.

In addition, you can put a playlist on the same track several times without worrying about repeating content. With these playlist improvements, you can now easily manage global content across different programs.

copy & paste

Copy and paste lets you build programs even quicker. It’s especially helpful if you’ve already configured your widgets just the way you like them.

You can copy and paste within a program, between different programs, and even between programs and playlists.

The behavior of tracks has changed so that all tracks loop independently by default.

If you want to synchronize timing between tracks, you just need to activate the ‘link’ option on each track you want to sync. For your convenience, we’ve added markers to show when the linked tracks will loop.

Source: Aerva

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