June 3, 2023


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EyeClick Joins Forces with Salitek to Create Cutting-Edge Interactive Walls

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EyeClick and Salitek are excited to announce their new partnership and future goal of providing innovative end-to-end multimedia solutions. Merging EyeClick’s exciting interactive software with Salitek’s cutting-edge systems creates an added potential for catching a consumers’ attention. Orion MPDP screens, distributed exclusively in the United States by Salitek, are considered some of the best on the market today, touting features such as the world’s only bezel less LFD flat panel video wall with a seam less than 2.2 mm, excellent color imagery, and a superior hi-definition picture.

“Salitek is very honored to partner with EyeClick to distribute these innovative, interactive solutions,” comments Salitek’s President Vince Schuster, MBA, CTS, ISF-C, DSDE, “bringing further synergy to our portfolio of Video Wall and video display offerings. We are furthermore, very pleased by the positive reponse to the EyeClick interactive demonstration which was presented on an Orion 3X3 MPDP wall in protrait mode, featured in our exhibit booth at InfoComm 2010 in Las Vegas.”

“As video walls are Salitek’s specialty, EyeClick technology adds another dimension to the already eye-popping platform; when large multi-screen installations are enhanced with interactive capabilities you are not only projecting exciting content, but the viewer becomes engaged with the subject matter,” states CEO and founder Ariel Almos.

These companies’ combined technologies have already brought a new wave of out-of-home advertising options for clients. On a recent collaboration with Pearl Media, as part of a marketing campaign for a brand new smart phone, large interactive window displays were installed across the United States. Urban pedestrians were encouraged to engage in the vibrant, motion-activated games centered on the new smart phone and its unique features. The game garnered over 25,000 registered participants in its four week campaign as well as countless spectators.

Today, brands are no longer limited by one-dimensional advertising to reach their target audience. This synergized solution adds value in retail stores, entertainment venues, and any other public locations. EyeClick and Salitek look forward to developing future projects using this revolutionary marketing platform.

About EyeClick Ltd.

EyeClick Ltd. specializes in creating inventive products that transform designated spaces into magical experiences. The company’s EyeStep, EyeTouch and EyeBoard products open up a world of possibilities for brands to effectively communicate with target audiences in out-of-home locations. EyeClick has helped leading brands, from Samsung and Volvo to NASA and GE, transform their floors, walls and window areas into spectacular interactive displays that leave a long-lasting impression on consumers. EyeClick gives event and trade show organizers, retailers, advertisers and media companies the ability to showcase rich interactive digital content in public spaces, including convention centers, promotions, malls, airports and chain stores.


Salitek, founded in 1999, is the premier North American specialty distributor of Flat Panel Video Wall Solutions, providing visual display technologies including M-PDP, LCD, DID video wall and signage, EyeClick Interactive Solutions, AV Stumpfl Wings Platinum video wall control and projected image processing, and related ATA travel cases.

Salitek provides exceptional sales, marketing, and depot level service support to the professional audio visual system integration, VAR, rental and staging professional, architects, and the A/V consultants.

Salitek’s flagship Orion MPDP offering features the newest bezel less OPM-4250 with less than a 2.2 mm pixel to pixel seam gap allowing for near seamless video walls in an infinite M X N array.   The OPM-4250 has very deep black levels with a 30,000:1 contrast ratio and up to 160 degree off-axis viewing (left, right, up, and down). The OPM-4250 performs very well in ambient light because of it high brightness level of 1,700 nits and anti-glare, anti-reflective film. The Orion MPDP is energy efficient consuming only 300W of power (typical).

Salitek partner installs of the Orion MPDPs can be found in boutique luxury retailers, corporate and higher education lobbies and conference rooms, trade show and staging events, television shows, digital and public signage applications, and network operating centers/ control rooms.   Orion MPDP remains a unique modular PDP technology with over 5 years of proven performance.

Media Contact: Yuval Golan, Marketing & Business Development Manager
Email: contact [at] eyeclick.com
URL: http://www.eyeclick.com

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