Tuesday, September 26, 2023

AIS Introduces Low Cost Open Frame Touch Screen Monitors featuring 3M Touch Technologies Designed for Interactive Digital Signage and Kiosk Industry

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AIS 3M enabled open frame touch screen monitorsAmerican Industrial Systems Inc. (AIS), release a line of Open Frame Touchscreen LCD Displays featuring the reliable and durable 3M surface capacitive touch technology in to an array of touch enabled monitors for use in Point of Sale (POS), Digital Signage, Self Service, Foodservice, Hospitality and Point of Information (POI) applications. The open frame touch monitors are available currently in 15”, 17”, 19”, and 22” (wide) sizes. 3M Touchscreen monitors are cost effective solutions and are available off-the-shelf for immediately integration and fast time to market.

3M’s industry-standard surface capacitive touch screen technology, providing a durable, optically-enhanced, and cost competitive solution for kiosks enclosures, industrial automation, and retail industries. The touchscreen display is incased in a rugged metal chassis with a variety of mounting options to make integration simple and easy. Optional bezels seal the touchscreen against dirt, dust, and liquids, making final integration a breeze. The displays are designed for long product availability, the tooling, specs, and design are controlled by AIS, allowing several years of availability without changes occurring.

The display utilizes an all-glass surface capacitive touch sensor with the proprietary 3M™ ClearTekTM Hard Coat to deliver superior durability, 91.5% light transmission, and superior brightness and contrast compared to other technologies. The all-glass touch sensor has no moving parts, whereas 5-wire resistive solutions rely on compressing the top film layer against a conductive coating to recognize touch. AIS has applied its extensive knowledge of touch technologies and LCDs to the design and manufacture of consistently high-quality, reliable touch monitors with most agency approvals and renowned service and support

Key Features and Benefits

  • Touch solutions for LCD screen sizes ranging from 15″ to 22″
  • 91.5% light transmission that helps maintain LCD image brightness to emphasize on-screen graphics
  • Surface finish with anti-glare properties to help minimize screen reflections in brightly lit work areas
  • 99% touch accuracy that helps users consistently make intended and repeated on-screen selections
  • 5.4ms touch response time that provides needed speed for demanding applications that require fast transactions
  • Capacitive sensing technology that works reliably despite on-screen contaminants like dust, grime or moisture
  • Industry-innovative surface finishes that provide premium surface durability and scratch resistance to help customers maintain the long-term operation and aesthetic appearance of their products
  • Rapid digital signal processing speeds that detects quick, repetitive touches, enables on-screen drawing and allows for multi-user touch capabilities
  • One-time calibration process by the hardware integrator with no user calibration requirements
  • Bending wave sensing technology that works reliably despite on-screen contaminants like dust, grime or moisture, or static objects resting on the touch surface

About American Industrial Systems, Inc.

AIS is a leading global designer and manufacturer of specialty digital signage, industrial panel pc, industrial display and rugged tablet pc solutions for customers in the broadcasting, engineering & construction, gaming & entertainment, medical & healthcare, leisure & hospitality, mining, network & telecommunications, network security, oil & gas, petroleum, pharmaceuticals, pipelines, public & private educational services, railroads an d retail markets. AIS specialize in designing and manufacturing cost-effective LCD and embedded computing products for the industrial market, as well as ODM/OEM applications worldwide. Whether your vision involves off-the-shelf displays or highly customized embedded computing solutions, AIS can supply the experience, technology, and resources you need to build it right and get you to market first. For additional information on AIS products and services, please Call AIS toll-free at (888) 485-6688 or visit: www.aispro.com

Source: AIS

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