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Minicom Digital Signage Unveils Managed HDMI Extension with Integrated Proof of Performance (POP) Technology at Infocomm 2010

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Minicom Digital Signage_logoThe solution extends digital HDMI signal hundreds of mete

Minicom Digital Signage (MDS), the world leader in Digital Signage (DS) media infrastructure solutions, announced today that they will launch a fully integrated Digital Signage Media distribution and management platform system featuring Minicom’s HDMI Extension system with integrated Remote Display Management and Proof of Performance technology at Springhill Suites.

MDS HDMI Extension solution, called DS Vision Digital (DSVD), enables distributing digital HD media to hundreds of meters with central management of the remote display assets. The innovative RDM technology embedded in the solution features a proprietary Media Feedback Mechanism (MFM) for Proof of Performance (PoP).

Dave Haar, Managing Director of MDS North America, observes “the new DS Vision Digital is helping us move forward with our ever expanding line up of products that have been designed by and for the Digital Signage Industry. By including our Proof of Display and Remote Display Management technologies in this new Distribution Platform, our technology provides an essential building block helping the market mature.”

Benefits of using the new DSVD Extender include:

  • Deliver robust HDMI signal to long distances
  • Manage displays remotely
  • Provide reliable Proof-of-Performance
  • Ensure continuous playback
  • Provide IP feed to display peripherals
  • Extend reach incrementally using daisy chain capability

Meetings at the suite are by appointment only and will be held on Tuesday – Thursday, June 8th – 10th.  Reserve your appointment on-line today.

About Minicom Digital Signage

Minicom Digital Signage is the world leader in manufacturing advanced multimedia platforms, providing infrastructure solutions focused on the Digital Signage industry. Minicom DS offers unique solutions which enable the transmission of rich content from a media player to multiple digital displays located hundreds of meters/feet away, advanced remote monitoring and control capabilities. Its solutions are highly reliable and provide advanced display management capabilities as well as lower integration costs

at reduced risk. Thanks to Minicom’s strong commitment to the market, the digital signage industry has come to rely on its CAT5 and optical fiber-based distributors, extenders, splitters and screen management solutions to deliver high performance multimedia content. Today, with offices, distribution channels and extensive partnerships present in the whole world, over 400K screen displays are running with Minicom Digital Signage technology. With over two decades of experience in providing innovative technology solutions in video distribution and display management, Minicom Digital Signage has successfully raised $6 Million from Venture Capital firms – JVP and Aviv Ventures. This investment has broadened the Company’s platform and has enabled it to expand its services in order to meet the ever growing digital signage market requirements.

For more information:
Nathalie Garson
Marketing Manager
Minicom Digital Signage
T: +972 2 5359726 F: +972 2 5359700
nathalie.garson [at]

Source: Minicom Digital Signage

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