December 8, 2022

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WAND Digital Menu Boards Helps McCarran Wendy’s Surpass $3 Million in Sales

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The Wendy’s franchise restaurant at McCarran Airport in Las Vegas surpassed $3 million in sales on April 16th, 2010.  Fred Roufe, General Manager, reported a record week over $72,000. The store has done almost $1 million in breakfast sales for the year with a high weekly breakfast sales record of $30,000.

The McCarren restaurant opened on April 27, 2009 and is owned by JMJ-WOLV, a partnership between JMJ-LLC (owned by Robert and Alice Lopez) and Cedar
Enterprises, Inc (owned by the Karam family). Unique to this Wendy’s restaurant is the use of WAND Digital Menu Boards, Digital POP Boards and POS register Order Confirmation Screens.

Director of Operations for JMJ-LLC, Alan Gardner, emphasizes the importance a strong relationship between the two organizations is in achieving such great success at this airport location. All airport locations are challenging and this one was no different.

In a creative approach to new hire training recommended by Boyd Johanson of Cedar Enterprises, the opening crew were trained on location prior to the store
opening. Gina Garcia, DVP of Wendy’s of Las Vegas, and her team were crucial in the planning and execution of the training process for the store.

The training team literally simulated orders from the JFK airport Wendy’s for more than a week at the site and the crew and management processed the orders for breakfast and lunch. Alan says this type of training promoted great teamwork between the employees and management team.

JMJ-LLC has continued to use this training method on recent openings in the Phoenix market. Franchisee Bob Lopez says that the partnership continues to flourish due to the energy and efforts of the JMJ-LLC team and the Cedar Enterprises, Inc. team. Ongoing operational visits are at a superior level. This restaurant continues to be a high profile Wendy’s restaurant with outstanding results, and a credit to the Wendy’s brand!


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