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Own Your Own Mobile Digital Billboard

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Rear Window Media™ (RWM) is expanding its private network digital signage solution to Texas metropolitan areas and is currently soliciting qualified Resellers to be the first to offer this cutting-edge digital technology to the Texas market. This Rear Window Media proprietary solution allows business owners, fleet operators and consumers the opportunity to own their own mobile digital billboards.

This new digital signage solution is mobile, GPS-based, stylish in appearance and affordable. The solution allows private network subscribers to control and deliver relevant, real-time marketing messages and community alerts to the public on the rear window of their vehicle while they are driving. The solution is first to market and unlike any other form of digital advertising. “The public is really captured by this technology not only because it delivers relevant content, in real-time, based on vehicle location, but it also offers a ‘wow’ factor that many traditional forms of advertising and other forms of digital signage can’t offer,” said Jessica Netter, president and founder of Rear Window Media. “Further, as the topic of distraction on roadways continues to heat-up, RWM is helping to remind drivers to drive safely and keep their eyes on the road by displaying messages on the rear of vehicles vs. other forms of outdoor advertising that are located away from the road.” states Netter.

Business owners and fleet operators are finding this solution to be a very efficient and unique way to reach their target markets. For a low monthly subscription fee, an easy-to-use Web interface allows private network subscribers to remotely view, update, and manage their own campaigns. Private network subscribers can control the message content displayed on their own vehicles, and since the digital ads change every 10 seconds, they can also opt to resell space to generate additional income. Rear Window Media’s online reports track where and when messaging is displayed. “I love working with this technology. People always look because it’s something new and different. I can reach a large number of people with different messages, for my different listings, for a much lower cost than traditional marketing and advertising,” says Jamie Ogden, Minnesota based Edina Realty agent (and former Minnesota Twins player) who has installed a Rear Window Media system in his SUV.

Mr. Ogden states that he “likes to stay ahead of the curve.” “I have lived and worked all over the country and have never seen anything like this. It makes a lot of sense for me. Why would I want my face on a static bus bench when I can have my face and my listings displayed in front of people when they drive?” said Ogden. “It’s enough of an eye-catcher to get people looking up and looking forward and looking at your message,” he said.

Rear Window Media is excited to expand the use of its service and software to serve the metro areas of Texas. If you are interested in becoming a Reseller of this exciting new product, please contact Rear Window Media or visit for more information.

Source: Rear Window Media

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