Tuesday, May 21, 2024

New technology Netpresenter makes broadcast quality Digital Signage affordable for smaller shops and businesses

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Netpresenter_logoNetpresenter Message Server 8 offers affordable & easy Digital Signage

Netpresenter, communication and alert software vendor, a.o. known for its AMBER Alert system, introduces Netpresenter Message Server 8. With this online content management platform, catchy, broadcast quality PC and Digital Signage presentations full of movement are only a few mouse clicks away. Smaller shops and businesses can now also attract customers’ attention with TV-like presentations of products on sale, increasing turnover, just like the big chains. After all, Digital Signage catches the eye of 63 percent of the passengers-by*. And the more movement, the more people will turn their heads towards a screen.

Netpresenter Message Server 8 allows shop and business owners to create and change eye catching presentations for any screen, online and within seconds. By using the new, dynamic background templates, shop owners can easily create a presentation full of movement. Bringing a TV-like presentation featuring the own products within ‘a few mouse clicks reach’ for everyone. “It happens to almost anyone – you go shopping and have a very long todo list. But then a screen with a deliciously looking cup of coffee and piece of apple pie catches your eye. Time for a break!” says Frank Hoen, Netpresenter CEO. “Screens attract attention, especially screens with moving images. A picture of a car that – literally – jumps into view. Or an image of a gold watch that slides onto a screen in one smooth motion. Moving images help sell more.” Broadcast quality Digital Signage via Netpresenter

“Smaller businesses, such as bakeries and hairdressers, often see Digital Signage as too troublesome and expensive. With Netpresenter all you need is a screen connected to a Windows PC. On that PC you install the Netpresenter software – all with a few simple mouse clicks. Netpresenter software is easy to install and easy to use; anyone that can send an e-mail can use our software. And, a rare feature in the Digital Signage industry, our solutions are very affordable,” Hoen adds.

Netpresenter Message Server 8 not only offers a series of new, dynamic background templates, but also many other new graphical features. It also allows users to add tickertapes with the latest news headlines to a presentation.

For more information on Netpresenter software, please check the website: www.netpresenter.com.

Source: Netpresenter

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