Thursday, September 28, 2023

Sedao’s BackgroundMaker creates flat screen digital signage content in no time flat

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Content has always been king, and that is as true for digital signage as it is for TV programmes and newspapers. Until now though, the creation of good-looking content has taken time, training and dedication. Sedao’s new Background Maker offers 101 pre-prepared templates that have been professionally designed specifically for digital signage applications. Each template is easily customised by the user to incorporate local messages, photos, corporate branding and colour schemes, resulting in a professional quality image that has taken just seconds to produce.

Through its use of industry standard formats, Background Maker is compatible with every digital signage application in the world: it saves the finished artwork in BMP and JPEG formats which are accessible to all good digital signage systems. So it is not restricted to one manufacturer or one set of hardware. For the dealer or integrator, this means that a single, universal content design package can be offered to customers of any digital signage hardware and it opens up new sales routes and markets.

David Oades, Sedao’s Managing Director comments: “As digital signage matures as a technology we found that dealers, installers and users wanted a content creation tool that can be used simply and with the minimum of training to create displays that look the part; something that they would be proud of. The most obvious way to do this is to use a tool dedicated to digital signage displays that provide a core library of designs which can be easily tailored to the company’s own style and branding.”

“Background Maker has additional advantages in combining digital signage systems,” explains Oades: “It also means that you can, if you wish mix-and-match digital signage systems for the most effective networks and still use the same content creation tool across them all. So you can install one type in an office HQ and another across a network of retail outlets, but still only generate content once.”

Source: Sedao Digital Signage

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