June 5, 2023


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Pixel Inspiration upgrades digital signage software with ‘Screen Txt’ SMS response feature

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Pixel Inspiration

Pixel Inspiration
Pixel Inspiration

New feature enables retailers to add mobile marketing functionality to digital signage content

Pixel Inspiration, the digital signage agency, today announced the launch of ‘Screen Txt’, a new feature of its content management system (CMS) which enables retailers to easily integrate mobile marketing functionality within their digital signage content.

Screen Txt makes it easy for retailers to use their digital signage installation to offer a broad range of additional services. These might include sample or brochure requests, booking a test drive, requesting mobile discount vouchers, subscribing to a mailing list or simply requesting additional information.

Screen Txt works by generating a unique SMS keyword and shortcode, which is then automatically integrated into each item of content on the digital signs. The retailer uses Pixel’s CMS to configure the reply path message and the service is ready to use.

Each time a customers replies to an on screen call to action by SMS their details are logged by the CMS, creating a database which can be used for follow-up sales calls or ongoing promotional activity.

Pixel has worked with some of retail’s brands and locations including Lancôme at Selfridges, Tommy Hilfiger, BBs Coffee & Muffins at Westfield London, Thomas Cook at the Bullring in Birmingham and Coffee Republic.

Nikk Smith, Technical Director, Pixel Inspiration, commented: “The ubiquity of text messaging provides the ideal channel through which to integrate a direct response mechanism within a piece of signage content.“Our CMS already enables retailers to combine the power of mobile marketing alongside the vibrancy of digital signage content to not only reach out to, but actually engage with shoppers in store.”

More and more retailers are now investing in digital signage as not only a channel for advertising products and promotions in store but to also create an ambience to help stimulate buyer behavior.

About Pixel Inspiration
Pixel Inspiration is the digital signage agency that provides audience centric, content focused digital signage solutions across the retail, corporate communication and leisure industries.

The company was founded by four individuals, each having industry experience in the key areas of advertising, marketing, managed IT services and technical consulting.  The founding principle of the agency was to provide digital signage solutions and content architected around their environment and audience.

Partnering with best of breed software and hardware providers, Pixel Inspiration offers a range of managed digital signage services, including:
* Creative, yet scientifically supported digital signage content design and production
* Hardware and software architecture
* Provision, support and maintenance of Digital Signage infrastructure
* Digital Signage software integration
* Content and systems management

Pixel works with the UK’s leading brands and organisations including 3M, HP, Millennium Hotels, Adecco, The Institute of Directors and Manchester Airport.