June 7, 2023


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TiroMedia Releases New High Definition Digital Signage Player

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TiroMedia releases the TMP N5, a new HD Digital Signage Player with Multi-Zone capabilities, 1080p HDMI and solid-state design

TiroMedia is pleased to announce the release of its newest digital signage players: The TMP N5. Measuring only 6.8″ x 4″, it is very compact system that fit in almost any environment. In addition, it features a 100% solid-state design with no moving parts.

Some of the key features of the TMP N5 include:
– HDMI support
– Resolution up to 1080p
– 100% solid state
– Low power consumption
– Swappable Compact Flash disk
– Multi-Zone layout capabilities
– Security through PULL technology
– 100% support of HTTP
– Low cost of ownership
– Optional Wi-Fi support

The TMP N5 is fully managed through TiroMedia’ Content Management System (CMS). The CMS allows hundreds, or even thousands, or units to be managed from a central location. The CMS can be used to manage all network players from TiroMedia: TMP N2, TMP N3 and TMP N4. More information is available at: http://www.tiromedia.com/cms.aspx

The TMP N5 supports up to 9 individual zones. This includes a video zone, a ticker zone, a clock zone and 6 image zones. In addition, custom background images or colors can be assigned to each layout.

A wide variety of media format types is supported. This includes: BMP, GIF, JPG, PNG, MPG (1, 2 & 4) in addition to WMV9. The TMP N5 supports RSS tickers as well as custom scroll text. The player supports all fonts installed on the CMS server.

This player has been designed to operate in harsh environments. It consumes very little power and generates little or no heat. In addition, it is designed to continue operating even when the network is down. The CF disk is accessible from the front of the unit and allows operators to quickly switch disks with minimal down time (in seconds). No software needs to be re-installed once a new CF disk is inserted.

The TMP N5 is priced at: $799.99. Volume discounts available.

About TiroMedia

TiroMedia is a Colorado Based digital signage technology company dedicated to providing high impact cutting edge media solutions. We pride ourselves on having the most flexible digital signage solution, coupled with our superior service. www.tiromedia.com

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