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Metro One Announces Implementation of an Interactive Floor in a Leading Canadian Retailer

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Metro One Development_logoMetro One Development, Inc, a digital out of home media company, announced today in association with Imagin8 that it will begin implementation over the next few weeks of an interactive floor trial in a leading Canadian retailer.

The retailer with hundreds of locations across the country will use StepOne to promote its brands and educate consumers about their products in a fun and engaging way.

Stuart Turk, CEO of Metro One stated, “This is another significant milestone as we continue our commitment to delivering interactive floor solutions. The overall in-store experience can be measured in order to assist the retailer and successfully monitor its digital signage campaigns.”

Turk continues, “Metro One is dedicated to embedding interactive solutions into a variety of industry applications.”

About Imagin8

Imagin8 is a Canadian company providing hand and body motion-based interactive digital technologies that are designed to enhance new consumer experiences from touch-screens to floor-screens. Imagin8 maintains a staff of technical, creative, and sales professionals. Imagin8 offers a wide range of digital content and solutions for interactive floors, walls, windows, and tables and is a leader in providing touch and multi-touch multi-surface capability. Visit Imagin8 at

About Metro One Development, Inc.

Metro One Development, Inc.,, plans to develop an interactive out of home media company giving the consumer more control over their media experience and creating highly entertaining branding displays that respond to the physical movements of the consumer.

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