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Camvine Launches CODApod, A New High-Performance Digital Signage Platform

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CODApod Digital Signage Platform from CamvineCamvine, a developer and provider of innovative digital signage solutions, today announced the release and immediate availability of a new digital signage platform, CODApod, to complement their existing product line, now renamed CODA Classic.

Users of Camvine’s web-based content management system now have the option of displaying the coming wave of dynamic content – including full-motion video and Flash animation – on dispersed screens connected to a standard Ethernet network via the CODApod module. Formats supported include H.264, MPEG-4, AVI, and Adobe Flash; dynamic HTML pages are also supported.

The new CODApod system is based on the Intel Atom, the processor that has revolutionised the netbook marketplace, and combines high performance and low power consumption in an attractive, highly-integrated package. As with the CODA Classic, there is no software to load or maintain on the CODApod – the users’ interactions with the system are all via the central web-based content management system, enabling users to control the display of their content, in real time, from anywhere.

“This is an important development that enables us to greatly extend our deployment of the CODA system,” commented Mr Abdellatiff Yahia Messaoud, CEO of Informatique Services, based in the Perpignan region of France. “Our clients have already shown great interest in the CODA Classic, and we are finding that the CODApod’s rich motion capability is really broadening our discussions. Applications range from providing an integrated tracking solution for paramedics, to discussions with senior clinicians on a whole range of screen-based communication in operating theatres, corridors and waiting rooms.

Brian Boakes, Camvine’s Director of Sales and Marketing, added “We’re very proud of this timely and significant addition to our range. Camvine is going through an exciting period and customers can expect further product announcements shortly.”

Full details of the CODA product range can be found on the Camvine website,

About Camvine

Cambridge Visual Networks Ltd (generally abbreviated to Camvine) creates new ways of deploying and interacting with visual information. Camvine’s aim is to make digital signage simple to install, intuitive to manage and environmentally friendly. Their CODA (Content Delivery Architecture) system has been deployed in a range of industries including education, healthcare and manufacturing.

Based in Cambridge, England, the company is privately held. For more information, visit

Source: Camvine

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