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Facial Recognition Software Sees New Opportunities For Advertising

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Gender Recognition System
This system has the ability to detect frontal human faces on digital video stream quickly and reliably. Based on the extracted face images, the engine is able to simultaneously detects the genders of multiple persons. In addition to that, it can return the statistic of the viewers such as the number of person looking at the screen. In summary, this technology provides the means to measure audience demographics which could be helpful for the advertising industry.

Potential Applications
The present technology identifies an individual’s demographic profile based on his/her face image and can be deployed in the following applications:

• Advertisement: Consumer preferences (by demographics) can be inferred from their attention/responses to presented advertisements. By the same token, targeted advertisement known to appeal to certain demographic profiles can also be shown to onlookers who fit these targeted profiles

Customer Benefits
• Efficient Retrieval Of StatisticsWhich Includes
• Gender Detection
• Attention Span
• Audience Count
• Non-intrusive Detection
• Support Low-Cost Camera
• SDK For Integrating Engine Into The Hosting Application

Technology Features
• Recognize the gender of the user with lowcost camera
• Real time detection (6 frames/second)
• Support simultaneous multiple objects detection.
• Support object counting
• SDK available

Technology Availability
• Development is done on WindowsPlatform

Market Trends and Opportunities
Consumers worldwide are getting more demanding in specifying how they would like to receive information. Reducing attention span and effectiveness of traditional mass media has led advertisers to look at other marketing vehicles that have better customer receptivity.

The Internet has been at the forefront in the last decade attracting billions of advertising dollars. Similar opportunities also exist in emerging mediums like digital signage that can simultaneously serve a multitude of purposes such as displaying information, advertising, branding and ultimately offer an enhanced customer experience.

At the same time, retailers have increased their IT spending annually, showing a dramatic upward trend in a market typically conservative in its approach toward technology. Specifically, retailers are allocating a portion of their IT budgets toward IP and broadband technologies in order to reduce costs and increase revenues.

Further, supply chain and inventory management, data analysis and software tools, which facilitate multichannel customer relationships, are the other main areas that retailers are focusing on to improve their business performance. In this context, the lack of a meaningful media avenue at the point of purchase to influence the customer at his most information-seeking moment has led to a renewal of interest in digital signage. The industry is gradually maturing with the entry of cash-rich media conglomerates, merger and acquisition activity and the development of standards for measuring the reach of in-storemedia.

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