Thursday, September 21, 2023

Aerva Presto Launched to Bring Affordable Digital Signage with Social Networking

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Aerva_logoAerva, a leading provider of digital signage technology, unveiled Aerva Presto™, its next-generation digital signage software for the smaller enterprise and education markets. Aerva Presto™ includes social networking widgets, a full drag-and-drop user interface, and a template-based approach allowing anyone to update or modify signage content in just a few minutes. The new product complements Aerva AerWave, a digital signage product with additional features for the enterprise. Both Presto and AerWave are digital signage products built on top of Aerva’s long-standing, robust, and flexible digital signage platform, AerChannel, now in Version 4.2.

“Workflow is easy in Aerva Presto,” noted Kerry Gallivan, Technology Director of Maine School Administrative District #75 in Topsham, Maine.  “Content upload to Aerva’s cloud computing backend is a breeze and making digital screens come alive with relevant school information was easily achieved. Also, Aerva’s software-as-a-service (SaaS) model makes it easy operationally and budgetarily.

The various widgets provided by Aerva make Presto a complete solution. There are widgets for Twitter, Flickr, YouTube, and Facebook that can immediately allow a network to tap into rich content that is already out there or be able to create new content using a full-featured editor in Presto. Says Gallivan, “K-12 really enjoys the linkages between social networking and Aerva. With its very innovative and nimble offerings, Aerva is just the right combination for any education environment.”

“Aerva Presto now fills a much-needed void in the schools and smaller enterprises. Presto’s usability, reliability and immediate access to a rich library of widgets, plus connections to social networking apps make it very attractive. Aerva has a well-established reputation as a leading innovator.  We listen closely to our customers – we will continue to offer innovative solutions to our customers and the marketplace,” said Sanjay Manandhar, CEO of Aerva.

About Aerva

Aerva’s pioneering digital signage technology enables real-time interactivity between mobile applications and digital display networks. Founded by MIT alumni, Aerva provides the simplest to use, most powerful and cost-effective solution for interactive display networks. The company’s software platforms, AerChannel™ (for digital signage) and MoApp® (for mobile applications) are secure, scalable, and robust. Aerva manages networks for many customers in a number of countries and industry verticals.

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