June 6, 2023


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Vario A1 Atom Player available bundled with signagelive

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Signagelive Vario A1 Digital Signage PlayerThe new Intel Atom based Vario A1 from Blue Chip Technology is available preloaded with signagelive for true Instant Digital Signage.

The performance of the Vario A1 enables full unrestricted support for all signagelive features including Multi-zone layouts with multiple video, still image windows, multiple RSS tickers, TV Overlay Card and Live IPTV streaming. In addition, the Vario A1 is capable of supporting a full range User Generated Content through native support of Media RSS within signagelive.

Including 12 months warranty and signagelive licence, the Vario A1 / signagelive bundle represents tremendous value for money. Options are available to increase the warranty and signagelive licence to 3 years at the time of order.

The Vario A1 and signagelive bundle is available through signagelive Distributors and Blue Chip Technology. Further information and trade pricing is available direct from signagelive, our Distributors and Blue Chip Technology.

Source: Signagelive