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Unbelievable Bus Shelter Campaign by Grand Visual

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Pepsi Max launched the “Unbelievable Bus Shelter” campaign, aimed at bringing a live, interactive experience to everyday street settings. This initiative, in collaboration with creative agency Grand Visual, was designed to promote Pepsi Max’s brand message, “Live For Now,” through an engaging augmented reality (AR) installation.

Objectives of the Campaign

Pepsi Max set forth clear objectives for this campaign:

  • To create a surprising and delightful augmented reality experience at a bus shelter.
  • To reinforce the brand message “Live For Now” with creative and engaging content.
  • To generate significant online buzz and media coverage, thus amplifying the campaign’s reach.

Innovative Approach and Implementation

Grand Visual developed a cutting-edge AR experience that transformed a typical bus shelter into a dynamic portal showing surreal scenarios in the real world. This was achieved using advanced depth mapping technology and bespoke 2D and 3D assets that integrated seamlessly into the live street view ahead of the bus shelter. Passersby were treated to incredible scenes, such as a giant robot shooting lasers, an asteroid hurling towards the earth, and a manhole from which tentacles eerily emerged.

Captivating Results

The campaign’s implementation was a resounding success:

  • The AR experience became a viral sensation, with the campaign’s social film amassing over 8 million views on YouTube, including 3 million views within the first five days alone.
  • The initiative received extensive global media coverage, reaching an estimated 385 million people across various international news platforms, including ITN, CNN, and BBC Click.
  • Pepsi Max enjoyed a significant increase in sales, with a notable 35% year-on-year boost during the campaign period.
  • The campaign earned over 20 awards, including a prestigious Bronze Outdoor Lion, reflecting its innovative impact and effectiveness in digital outdoor advertising.


The “Unbelievable Bus Shelter” campaign by Pepsi Max, in collaboration with Grand Visual, showcased the potent combination of digital signage and augmented reality technology in crafting memorable brand experiences. The campaign not only engaged audiences at an unprecedented level but also significantly propelled the brand’s visibility and sales, marking a milestone in digital out-of-home advertising. The extensive media coverage and accolades received further underscored its success, proving the campaign’s wide-reaching impact and innovation.


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