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TDC wins Best Technical Achievement Award

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Sydney, Australia – TDC – Technical Direction Company, a leading technology solutions provider, has been honored with the esteemed Best Technical Achievement Award for their exceptional work on Vivid Sydney 2022. The award was presented at the Australian Event Awards 2022, held in-person aboard The Jackson luxury superyacht in Darling Harbour, Sydney on Wednesday, 23 November 2022.

The Australian Event Awards celebrate excellence and innovation within the events industry, recognizing outstanding contributions and advancements. TDC’s remarkable achievement not only included winning the Best Technical Achievement Award but also earning the distinction of a National Nominee for Best Achievement in Marketing or Communication. Furthermore, TDC’s cutting-edge TDC LiveView real-time out-of-home city-wide digital signage and monitoring system was acknowledged as a National Nominee for Best Innovation, New Product, or New Service. This marked the second consecutive year that TDC received recognition as a National Nominee at the Australian Event Awards, with this year being their triumphant win!

Distinguished judges of the Australian Event Awards commented, “The innovation and delivery by TDC to enhance this event was first class… The new laser technologies really lifted the color and resolution of the displays this year, and it’s fabulous to hear that this has been achieved with a reduction in energy consumption. The technical achievements were multiple and excellent. Congratulations on a fabulous event.”

In their monumental effort for Vivid Sydney 2022, TDC delivered an unprecedented array of cutting-edge technology. This included large-scale laser projection mapping, LED screens, wayfinding solutions, and their super-powered custom-built media server technology. These advancements facilitated the seamless integration of over 27 visually stunning installations and projection artworks throughout Sydney.

“For eleven years, TDC has partnered with Destination NSW to bring Vivid Sydney to life. It’s a continually evolving production, and we remain committed to innovation,” stated Michael Hassett, Founder and Managing Director at TDC.

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A team of thirty dedicated and talented TDC crew members worked tirelessly on every technical aspect, from conceptualization to completion. “Each TDC team member takes pride in their contribution, as they strive to create a remarkable event year after year. The Australian Event Award holds great significance for us, as it recognizes our dedication and achievements. We were privileged to be amongst a prestigious lineup of shortlisted nominees and award winners,” added Michael Hassett.

TDC’s commitment to pushing boundaries and delivering unparalleled technical excellence has solidified their position as a leading force in the events industry. Their outstanding achievements at the Australian Event Awards 2022 serve as a testament to their relentless pursuit of innovation.

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