Monday, September 25, 2023

aFX Global Unveils Immersive Soundscapes in Dali’s Masterpiece

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Sydney, Australia – aFX Global, a leading provider of immersive audio experiences, captivates audiences with the mesmerizing sounds of Dali’s iconic masterpiece, The Persistence of Memory.

DALÍ ALIVE, an extraordinary journey into the world of art, transports visitors into the surreal and imaginative realm of Salvador Dalí, one of the most influential artists of the twentieth century.

Presented by Grande Experiences, Australia, in collaboration with The Dalí Museum in St. Petersburg, Florida, DALÍ ALIVE is an immersive exhibition spanning over 13,000 square feet. Featuring floor-to-ceiling projections and two-story high digital galleries, the exhibition incorporates groundbreaking spatial audio technology and content curated by aFX Global, renowned for their expertise in immersive audio.

Des O’Neill, co-founder and sound designer at aFX Global, describes the soundscapes in DALÍ ALIVE as vibrant and vivid, mirroring the intensity of the artwork. O’Neill explains, “Our goal was to create custom spatial audio for each surface and curate an evocative musical score that harmonizes with the stunning visuals. Through close collaboration with Grande’s creative team and leveraging the innovative technology developed for previous projects like the flagship LUME Melbourne, we were able to showcase the remarkable possibilities of integrating immersive spatial audio systems with art masterpieces. The result is a breathtaking fusion of color, motion, and memory that exemplifies our capabilities.”

To ensure a seamless technical execution, aFX Global provided consultation on system design and selected Barco IOSONOinside software, along with a hardware solution that connected dozens of speakers in a spatial audio loudspeaker array.

DALÍ ALIVE premiered globally in October 2022, offering visitors a remarkable glimpse into Dalí’s life, from his formative years in Spain to his profound influence on Surrealism and American culture. The traveling exhibition delves into Dalí’s ongoing quest for self-expression and his struggle to confront mortality, leaving a lasting impact on audiences.


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