June 6, 2023


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Digital Signage Application in Shanghai Motel 168

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Motel 168, a leading brand in Hotel industry, established in 2002, has over 350 branches in China. The modern design, well-equipped facility and superior service are the key take away for customers. They continue to provide not only innovative lodging environment but also comfortable and considerate room service. Now Motel 168 has become the first choice for businessmen and travelers during their stay.

Project date:From Aug. 2010 up to now
Project Location:More than 100 branches at Shanghai city


Background Motel 168’s day start from the busy front desk in the morning, Customers are busy to check-out their room for their journey and new customers are busy to waiting for the check-in. From the statistic number shows after the check-in process completed at front desk, most of the customers would like to spend quite sometimes at their room instead of go for another activities immediately, which also means customers would use the facility and service in their room, with such IPTV, room service, movies, internet and entertainment service would be very important service for Motel 168 to provide.


How to establish an excellent system with instant power cut environment and control the content from remote system for Motel 168 engineers easily maintain would be a challenge. Moreover, the space in the room is limited and how to install system and secure against burglary are also important too.

AOpen Solution

After the site survey, AOpen propose to use Digital Engine-DE2700, which included thin client structure adapted to IPTV application. The DE2700 provide as below function for satisfy the Motel 168 demand.

1) Dual LAN ports connection for internet and intranet.
2) Recovery system integration with Motel 168 room service.
3) High class equipment with low noise and low power consumption.
4) The dimension only 166x48x157mm, designed for space saving.
5) Instant power interruption environment when customers withdraw the room key.


Motel 168 has gained a green image motel in the industry, with the decrease on the managing cost due to the extremely compact size of equipment with low power consumption and easy maintenance feature for engineers, also provide better service quality and efficiency for customers. With such advantage, Aopen would be an excellent partner to provide the best solution in the industry.

Source: AOpen