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Monster Media Adds Interactive Trucks With Touch Screens to UK Network

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Monster Media Interactive Truck With Touch ScreenMonster Media’s fleet of truck-mounted LCD screens generate impactful, engaging and interactive campaigns that draw in crowds and target consumers in a new and unsuspecting way.

The hybrid out-of-home media company with offices in the U.K., Canada, South Africa and corporate headquarters in Orlando, Florida, U.S. has paired with agencies and major brands across the globe since 2004. Monster Media has had a strong presence in the U.K. for several years and through a partnership with Inchmere Design, leaders in vehicle branding, they are expanding their portfolio to debut traveling interactive trucks — a first for the U.K.

Liam Boyle, managing director of Monster Media U.K. said, “We are now broadening our product line to include interactive trucks that can take a brand’s message on the road and literally engage consumers at anytime, anywhere. Interactive trucks provide companies with a new way to reach consumers nationwide, without the need to secure a vacant storefront.”

Monster Media has executed several storefront campaigns across the U.K. for major brands such as: Harrods, BlackBerry, Samsung and YouTube. Boyle says the traveling trucks are an evolution of the Monster Storefront, where brands make their message interactive through vacant storefront windows.

He says over the past few years, digital-out-of-home advertising has caught more attention than before not just because of the tracking analytics, but also due to the improvement in technology used.

The non-traditional truck campaigns will merge interactive technology with data collection.

All Monster Truck systems are capable of several display options for consumer engagement, including: Monster Media Interactive Touch Screenbody-responsive and multi-touch technology, audio, video, augmented reality, email and mobile phone interaction — where a users phone controls the ad.

Numerous award-winning Monster Truck campaigns have been executed abroad from sporting events to music festivals and outdoor exhibitions. To view a demo of one of their latest Monster Truck campaigns, please click here:

About Monster Media:
Monster Media remains the innovator and leader in the out-of-home space, creating engaging campaigns that can be executed anywhere, at anytime. Their ability to deliver quality programmes and customer service has allowed them to expand their presence across the globe with network opportunities including: storefront dominations, airports, shopping malls, theatres, sport and entertainment venues and custom events. Since its inception in 2004, Monster Media has executed thousands of interactive ads globally and is currently working with clients such as: Kraft, Reebok, EA, BlackBerry, Unilever, ING Direct, MetroPCS, Ray Ban, HSBC and Disney to bring their messages to life. For more information on Monster Media, please go to:

Source: Monster Media

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