Tuesday, September 26, 2023

Interactive Touchscreen Solutions, Inc. Releases Navigo® 3.9

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Reliable and user-friendly Navigo Software from Interactive Touchscreen Solutions, Inc. gets updated features making it an even better choice for digital signage and directories.

Interactive Touchscreen Solutions, Inc. releases Navigo Version 3.9 for its Touchscreen Directory, Active Signage, Internet Wayfinding and Visitor Check-In systems.

The release of Navigo 3.9 includes a new user interface for the systems ViewPoint Editors. The ViewPoint Editors are now icon-based allowing for an intuitive and still easy user experience. “We continue to evolve with the capabilities of technology and with what is appealing to clients and their users,” said Mike Allen, director of product development. “This latest version of Navigo enhances our reputable software with additional features that have been developed to make digital signage a satisfying experience for everyone.”

Released on May 23, 2011, the newest version of the trusted Navigo software includes the following elements:

  • Smart Search
  • Key Word Search
  • Alternative Mapping
  • User Interface
  • Touch Scrolling
  • In-depth integration with MessageManager™

Smart Search enables users to perform a string search. By entering a few letters into keyboard area, the Navigo system will automatically match the listings containing those letters.

Key Word Search allows users to find all related topics or departments when they enter the first few letters, i.e. if the user types in X-ray, Radiology will also be listed.

ITS developed Alternative Mapping allowing users to find a map that displays the most ADA accessible route or a driving map leading to their destination.

A new User Interface makes navigating the ViewPoint Editors, (the content management tool) easier with icon-based tools that allow managers to make changes or additions even faster with easier tool recognition.

The Touch Scrolling method makes searching your Navigo directory even easier by using a touch and drag motion to scroll through directory pages.

Navigo’s MessageManager™ tool has always allowed clients to highlight messages through rotation of screens. With Navigo 3.9, directory users now have the full capability of the Navigo Active Signage product capabilities which can capture the user’s attention with rotating messages, TV Feed, and custom presentation screens.

Navigo 3.9 is included for all new contracted clients as well as those under the Navigo Warranty Program. Clients not on the Navigo Warranty program may purchase the upgraded software.

Interactive Touchscreen Solutions, Inc. provides touchscreen directories and digital signage for Corporate Buildings, Hospitals, Government & Private Facilities, Universities, Museums and other Public Buildings. Interactive Touchscreen Solutions, Inc. product line, Navigo includes solutions for Wayfinding, Digital Signage and Visitor Badging/Processing. For more information on recent installations and general product information, please contact Interactive Touchscreen Solutions, Inc at (800) 652-4830.

Source: Interactive Touchscreen Solutions

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