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Higher Education Facilities Seeking Digital Signage Choose Navigo

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Kingsport Center for Higher Education Navigo Digital SignageColleges, Universities and Community Colleges nationwide add digital signage to their standard communication methods. Navigo systems recently installed in higher education facilities across the country.

Interactive Touchscreen Solutions, Inc. (ITS) further expands into the educational market providing campuses with Navigo technology to fulfill their informational, wayfinding and LEED educational initiatives.

Navigo interactive touchscreen directories and digital signage systems recently installed on the campuses of Oregon State University, OR; Kingsport Center for Higher Education, TN; Columbia University, NY; and the Learning Tree, VA.

Digital signage and wayfinding assist in improving the overall experience at any facility. The customizable and user-friendly Navigo system shares information vital to target audiences and assist in developing new revenue streams with advertisers. System managers can access and make changes to the system from one central, remote location ensuring ease of use for managers as well.

“Navigo is designed for optimal performance at any location,” said Natalie Bobila, vice president of sales and marketing. “Implementing the Navigo systems on campuses for higher education extends the reach of administrators to get their messages out there to everyone on campus. Important dates, events and even emergency alerts can be updated instantly when needed.”

The education facilities contacted ITS for a digital solution that would build upon their traditional forms of communication such as the campus newsletters, email notices, newspaper articles. Navigo systems display those messages and create an opportunity for users to gather more information with a push of a button.

Each facility needed to highlighted different aspects of their campus. The Kingsport Center for Higher Education wanted to offer users a portal to explore the campus through maps, calendar of events and interactive links to other related educational centers in the area. Their Navigo system also featured the ability to recognize the numerous ways the facility approached and fulfilled their steps to achieving LEED status.

Administrators at Oregon State University needed a digital system that assisted users in navigating their vast campus. Custom mapping and turn-by-turn directions offer users a guided solution to finding locations on campus.

Interactive Touchscreen Solutions, Inc. provides touchscreen directories and digital signage for Corporate Buildings, Hospitals, Navigo logoGovernment & Private Facilities, Universities, Museums and other Public Buildings. Interactive Touchscreen Solutions, Inc. product line, Navigo includes solutions for Wayfinding, Digital Signage and Visitor Badging/Processing. For more information on recent installations and general product information, please contact Interactive Touchscreen Solutions, Inc at (800) 652-4830.

Source: Interactive Touchscreen Solutions

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