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Media Sign Pro Releases Major Upgrade to Mac-Based Digital Signage Software

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Media Sign Pro logoVersion 4 adds a wide array of features including dynamic playlists, allowing users to update specific content remotely. Other features include Twitter integration, built-in templates, slideshow captions, enhanced style tools, and more.

Media Sign Pro has announced the release of a major upgrade to their Mac-based digital signage software. Version 4 includes a variety of new features and enhancements along with numerous usability and stability improvements.

“Media Sign Pro 4 is all about taking our digital signage software to the next level,” states Chris Lee, President and Co-Founder of Media Sign Pro. “We have added elements of style, usability, and functionality that benefit each of our users and partners in a dramatic way. We have worked closely with them to learn what was missing and what needed to be improved, and we will continue to do so as we strive to make Media Sign Pro the premier digital signage software application for the Mac.”

One of the highlights of the new release is the addition of dynamic playlists. This allows administrators to update video and slideshow playlists by updating the contents of the folder where the media is located. Dynamic playlists are fully compatible with cloud-based storage services such as MobileMe or Dropbox, allowing changes to be made remotely by simply uploading a file via a web browser.

“The ability to update sign content without logging into the Mac or disrupting the sign has been a need that dynamic playlists now fulfill,” states Joseph Gharibian, Vice President of Product Marketing at Media Sign Pro. “Our goal was to implement this feature without compromising the software’s ease of use and functionality in any way. Users will quickly see that this is indeed the case not only for sign creators, but also for privileged non-administrative users who can now make specific content changes without any technical expertise.”

Also included in this release is the highly anticipated Twitter zone, allowing audiences to engage directly with the digital sign by having their tweets displayed on the screen in real-time. The zone is fully customizable, has multiple display modes, and has a built-in content filter.

Version 4 also includes a revamped template chooser allowing users to choose from twelve professionally designed templates for their digital sign. All templates are fully customizable and allow users to get up and running with a stylish and professional digital sign in a matter of minutes.

The release also includes new design functionality for various zones. Users can now add shadows or rounded corners to any of the zones within the sign, have the option to maintain image and video aspect ratios, and add captions to slideshow images. The easy-to-use caption feature makes it possible to add customized text and backgrounds to all images in a playlist.

The list of features does not end there. The software now includes master project functionality, which allows users to save and load multiple projects and schedules within one master project file, rather than having to load each one manually. Text extraction allows text zones to be updated remotely by referencing remote or local text files. A revamped web zone which is still in beta now plays Flash and streaming videos. To learn more about these features in detail along with additional updates in Media Sign Pro 4 please visit mediasignpro.com.

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