Saturday, April 13, 2024

Swiss University Deploys SpinetiX Digital Signage

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SpinetiX logoLausanne’s Ecole Polytechnique Fédérale (EPFL) is using SpinetiX HMP100 Hyper Media Players integrated with large flat panel screens to manage live educational, event and campus information.

Expected to comprise 30 screens and information points, the system is located across various buildings in the institution’s hall and cafeteria areas.

Natalie Meystre, KIS, Knowledge Information Services (DIT- VPAI) at the institute has been speaking about the requirement for the digital signage system:

“We needed a reliable and flexible system to provide information about conferences, special courses, debates, association events and activities and which was located in central traffic points. The system also serves to publish academic reminders such as end of semester information and paper deadlines.

“Content for the system is mainly managed by the institute’s IT department over an intranet web page. It is updated easily and quickly by campus staff who are able to manage images and check the accuracy of information. This requires less that an hour a day to manage and is instantly updated across all the screens.

“Our staff, visitors and students really do like having digital signage as a visual focal point in these areas. It’s a really great and simple solution for our staff to use and since installation our communications have been completely transformed.”

Source: AV Interactive

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