Sunday, December 10, 2023

Avocent Makes its Mark in Digital Signage

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Avocent, a leading provider of open, secure, modular solutions that enable customers to simply manage IT complexity, offers a Digital Signage Solution, designed to quickly and easily provide transmission of live and recorded HD video and audio to multiple displays such as plasma, LCD and kiosk stations. Giant Stadium is just one place where Avocent digital signage technologies have been used.

“With the Giant Stadium configuration, we have multiple displays and the broadcast engineer or the controller of that display can put up at any time a relevant message for all or a subset of those displays,” Paul Nashawaty, director of product marketing for Avocent Products and Services, told TMCnet.

“We have high quality content delivery systems so that we don’t have latency or pixilation problems,” he added. “We don’t have a remote connection, we actually have a physical connection, and high definition digital ties into the quality of the transport mechanism that we have in place.”

The digital signage solution is exactly what advertisers need to launch high-impact video where the consumers gather, whether it’s at the mall, airports, restaurants, gas stations, event centers, theaters or other venues, according to company officials.

“The key is in the messaging; if companies are out there trying to message their products and talk about their product, they really just want that messaging out there,” Nashawaty said. “If the transport mechanism behind it is not working properly then you are going to lose your audience. Your messaging can be perfect and spot on but if there’s delay in the transport or if they don’t understand it because there are communication issues, they are just going to avoid it. If that display is down you just lost those advertising dollars.”

“When we talk to our customer base and talk to our prospects, their concern tends to resonate around the quality assurance of that video connecting from device to device,” he added. “High definition digital for us means the quality transport mechanism of those devices, from the device to the user station.”

Companies that can benefit from the high definition digital solution include IT professionals, infrastructure companies and systems integrators. Avocent targets those individuals in the retail, retail banking, transportation and stadium spaces and anywhere else where you have multiple displays and multiple broadcasts.

In the case of Giant Stadium, the high definition digital company teamed with other professionals to be able to deliver multiple advertising messages on the various screens in the stadium at different times.

“You can imagine all the various different screens all around a stadium and we pushed those messages out from a central location to everywhere within the stadium itself,” Tom Fitzgerald, product manager for Avocent, told TMCnet. “The use of the IP technology was a center point of that because of the size of Giant stadium.”

Source: Avocent

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