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Alcatel-Lucent makes Navori key component in digital signage deployment plans

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Navori_logoNavori’s new QL software part of Alcatel-Lucent’s Enterprise Multimedia Suite offer for enterprise-level digital signage projects in US

Alcatel-Lucent has selected Navori’s new QL software as a component of its Enterprise Multimedia Suite (EMS) in order to expand deployments of large-scale Digital Signage projects in the United States.

EMS is a versatile and cost-effective digital media solution, which makes it an ideal candidate to manage all types of enterprise digital media content distribution deployments, such as Digital Signage, Corporate TV, Hospitality TV, Corporate Video Portal and Tele-Assistance.

“Navori needed a vendor that knows how to design a complex multimedia solution. We are working with Alcatel-Lucent, as they have a broad range of expertise and experience and have developed proven methodologies to deliver world-class multimedia services,” says Jerome Moeri, Navori’s CEO.
North American operations and support for these projects will be conducted from Navori’s offices in Montreal, Canada.

“Our 14 years of experience and development in pace with our continuous growth has materialized into a software platform that is extremely stable and reliable yet very scalable,” says Moeri. “Over the last couple of years, we saw our typical sales evolve from small installations on average to mid size and large projects. With this experience, and our product platform, we have an offer which now makes Navori a great choice for such ventures.”

Navori is about to release its next generation development Navori QL. “From Evolution to Revolution, that is our bias now,” adds Moeri. “The new QL platform recombines our technical experience and market analysis into a new product that will offer superior play-out quality and manageability.”

Alcatel-Lucent Multimedia Integration business is the market leader in the design, integration and deployment of IPTV networks and applications. With broad expertise and extensive investments, Alcatel-Lucent has developed proven methodologies to deliver world-class, end-to-end multimedia services that are reliable, scalable and secure with reduced time to market. In total, Alcatel-Lucent provides middleware and solutions that support more than 7 million IPTV subscribers, representing more than 18 percent of all IPTV subscribers worldwide.

The company is also involved in more than 55 triple play service delivery architecture (TPSDA) deployments and more than 60 IPTV transformation and integration projects. Leveraging its IPTV expertise and experience, Alcatel-Lucent launched the EMS solution in 2010, which is engineered to deliver the best of Digital Media across different enterprise market segments, enabling customers to achieve their business objectives, more quickly and efficiently.

About Navori

Navori is a one of the largest, most well-established and successful digital signage software publishers in the world, with more than 75,000 active installations in 90 countries. Navori develops solutions used for all types of screen-based communications, including retail, corporate communications, advertising networks, public space signage, wayfinding and the food/hospitality sector. Headquartered in Switzerland, privately-held Navori also has offices in North America, South America and Australia.
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World Trade Center, Lausanne, Switzerland
Phone: +41 21 641 19 60
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