Thursday, November 30, 2023

Interactive Wayfinder Showcased by LogicJunction at First Healthcare Experience Design Conference

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The LogicJunction™ Wayfinder was showcased at Healthcare Experience Design Conference and was featured in a presentation that included a demonstration of LogicJunction wayfinding systems employed at the Cleveland Clinic’s main campus.

LogicJunction, Inc., an interactive software development company specializing in hospital wayfinding, was a sponsor of the first annual Healthcare Experience Design Conference held in Boston on April 11, 2011. The conference brought together architects, designers, psychologists, hospital patient service experts and other healthcare experience thought leaders from around the country to share insights on how human-centered design can improve the patient experience. The LogicJunction™ Wayfinder was also featured prominently in a presentation by Mary Curran, Senior Director for Special Projects at the Cleveland Clinic Foundation. The presentation, titled “Navigating a State of the Art Care Experience,” included a demonstration of LogicJunction wayfinding systems employed at the Cleveland Clinic’s main campus.

“As part of an initiative to help improve the overall experience in modern wired hospitals, LogicJunction ( is pleased to have sponsored the inaugural Healthcare Experience Design Conference,” said Craig Knowles, General Manager of LogicJunction’s Wayfinding Division. “Our Wayfinder is helping to lead interactive building directory and wayfinding technology with its unparalleled usability and human-centered design.” 

A short video showing the LogicJunction Wayfinder at the Cleveland Clinic is available at: …

Interactive wayfinder systems from LogicJunction are not to be confused with traditional interactive kiosks, digital signage or other standard hospital building directories. The human-friendly, touch-screen systems from LogicJunction can provide individualized, step-by-step instructions specific to each spot within an institution. Maps and individual instructions can be printed or sent to a smart phone to provide hard copy support for complex journeys. The Wayfinder’s interactive avatar features motion and speech and its appearance can be modified to support a hospital’s brand. The Wayfinder also can provide support for a full range of guest services, including shopping, dining, banking, parking and spiritual care. It can also be used to provide on-the-spot employee training to help familiarize new employees with the facility.

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About LogicJunction

Founded in 2000, LogicJunction, Inc. is an interactive software company that creates digital characters to help organizations connect with and educate their users. Headquartered near Cleveland, OH, LogicJunction’s patented products and solutions combine these helpful, life-like avatars with artificial intelligence to serve clients in many fields including healthcare, education and insurance. 

For more information, call (877) 286-2631 or visit The company is located at 23950 Commerce Park Road, Beachwood, OH 44122.

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