June 5, 2023


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Interactive directory for RATP (parisian subway) with tactile map

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RATP (french metro in Paris) choose our interactive directory solution for one the most important subway station in France with more than 62,000 persons by day: Grande Arche La Défense.

The orientation table installed with the objective to guide visitors through metro and buses lines on site. But also through shops and services. One of the most important addendum to ViaDirect software solution is the outdoor treatment with wayfinding and city groundfloor maps (116 towers, 9 hotels, university, …).

The RATP team in charge of the content management back office can display cultural and commercial news on their own.

The remarquable ergonomy of ViaDirect interface is increased by new disposals as the near sighted treatment and metro and buses line’s map scrolling.

An elegant furniture has been created specifically in order to reach disabled people needs and security guidelines in that kind of public spaces.

The digital agency L’île des Médias, ensured the design and the follow-up of manufacture of the pieces of furniture, as well as software integration, user interface conception, installation and maintenance.

Source: ViaDirect