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On-Airstreaming, LLC and DMX, Inc. Announce Content Partnership

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DMX logoDMX, Inc., a leader in experiential marketing solutions for businesses, announced today their new partnership with On-Airstreaming, LLC, a refreshingly new venture by radio industry veteran and writer J.B. Hager, and accomplished music video director and filmmaker Paul Boukadakis, promotes musical talent with an intimacy never seen before. From the stripped down live performances to the up-close-and-personal interviews, On-Airstreaming provides video content so pure; it will remind you why music is the “universal language”.

DMX Inc., the recognized leader in multi-sensory branding and on-premise experience design, has teamed with On-Airstreaming, LLC (OAS) to bring DMX’s customers OAS’ bold and enticing, intimate sessions from today’s exceedingly large talent pool of emerging artists. “J.B. and Paul capture artists with a leave-the-managers-and-producers-at-the-office authenticity that is immediately appealing. On-Airtreaming’s creations are a perfect fit with DMX’s passion for delivering unforgettable customer experiences.” Says DMX’s Seth Gerou, Product Manager of Video.

It’s not just the fact that this duo digs up incredible artists, it’s that they present them insuch a way they immediately become your favorite new band. Hitting the streets for SXSW, the OAS team will be filming an impressive hand picked lineup of 35+ bands – validating the company’s main goal of “promoting great music.”

From the setting, to the recording, to the video production, OAS radiates cool. Filming out of a few gleaming Airstream trailers, the On-Airstreaming sessions offer musicians a RARE opportunity to forget about touring, producers, labels, merchandising – and for a while …to just be themselves. The result is a performance so truthful and intimate you will feel as if you are sitting in the Airstream.

A passion for music is what brought DMX and On-Airstreaming, LLC together, and it’s at the heart of what we do and On Airstreaming logowhy we work so hard. DMX, Inc. can’t wait to introduce its customers to On-Airstreaming – “Music’s Shiny New Pet.”

For additional information, Contact: Seth Gerou: seth.gerou [at]

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Recognized as an international leader of experiential marketing services, DMX creates brand experiences using music, video/digital signage, audio and mobile messaging, scent marketing, and audio/visual systems design and installation. DMX services span physical and digital worlds – from in-store environments to online streaming music players and branded digital music stores to mobile messaging (SMS) and mobile web – for completely integrated solutions. Serving a wide variety of industries including retail, hospitality, restaurants, and many more, DMX helps create unique and unforgettable customer experiences. DMX also provides digital music solutions for satellite and residential cable operators. For more information please visit DMX at

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