Saturday, September 23, 2023

ASI Launches Macer Interior™, a new Slim-Panel Interior Solution

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SI expands Macer to create a comprehensive wayfinding and identity solution. ASI is pleased to announce the release of Macer Interior™, a new slim-panel interior signage solution.  This new system consists of three components: a uniquely-designed panel holder, aluminum or etronite graphic panels, and a discreet top fitting that is used for large panels or signs that require paper inserts.

The design goal and construction of Macer Interior™ was to have a panel holder that performs as a hinge with a sleek look and no gaps between the two pieces.  In addition, it needed to have a clean finish with a clean edge cut to allow for various sizes to accommodate the range of panel sizes.  Finally, the panel holder needed to meet the overall aesthetic goal of having slight curvature and defined edges.  The panel holder is available in aluminum, and an injection molded plastic option will be available in summer of 2011.

Another important and unique aspect of Macer Interior™ resides within the panel.  The panel uses the latest in printing technology to allow for the full printing of photorealistic digital graphics. This allows for extremely high-end graphics, textures and other subtle finishes to create unique and distinctive signage solutions.

“We are excited to offer a complete interior and exterior wayfinding and identity solution that brings a high design look with cutting edge graphic applications to the marketplace.  The design of the entire Macer product family is sleek and simplistic, with several material and finish options to develop an aesthetically pleasing signage program,” commented Kelly David, who oversees marketing and product development with ASI.

Macer Exterior™ was launched in 2010 and utilizes the same design concept; in addition the system must withstand exterior conditions such as wind loads, fading and inclement weather.  This system, when combined with Macer Interior™ creates a cohesive wayfinding and identity solution for almost any facility.

Source: ASI

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