Thursday, June 13, 2024

BroadSign Acquires Navori Digital Signage Network

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BroadSign International, Inc. (BroadSign), a globally recognized leader in hosted software solutions for managing digital signage networks, has officially announced its acquisition of Navori International S.A. (Navori). Navori, a Switzerland-based entity known for its innovative software solutions catering to closed digital signage networks, is set to merge into BroadSign’s expanding portfolio, although the financial specifics of the deal remain confidential.

This strategic acquisition is poised to bolster BroadSign’s already formidable position as the top software provider in the rapidly growing digital signage market. By integrating Navori, BroadSign not only broadens its footprint in key European and Pacific Rim markets but also enhances its capability to offer specialized services through a centrally located facility dedicated to sales, support, and service staff. Furthermore, this move is indicative of the expected industry consolidation, allowing BroadSign to augment its market share and deepen its vertical integration within the sector.

Navori’s integration under the BroadSign umbrella will enrich the latter’s offerings, particularly for clients in need of closed on-premise digital signage networks. Additionally, Navori is set to benefit from participation in BroadSign’s Ad Server, a platform delivering content across more than 100 networks in 25 countries worldwide, based on a Software as a Service (SaaS) model.

Rick Engels, president and CEO of BroadSign, emphasized the acquisition’s significance, stating, “BroadSign was designed with a focus on being a leader in providing clarity and growth in the digital signage space. This initial acquisition demonstrates BroadSign’s ability to add market shares and increase vertical penetration.” He highlighted the unique opportunity this merger offers to businesses requiring closed on-premise networks, allowing them to leverage BroadSign’s comprehensive product suite.

Navori stands out in the digital signage industry with its top-tier software solutions, featuring an intuitive management interface and an advanced graphics engine, powering over 17,000 screens globally. The company’s esteemed clientele includes major brands like Sony, Boeing, and Clear Channel network inside Norway’s Oslo International Airport, underscoring its industry impact and the potential for synergistic growth post-acquisition.

Jerome Moeri, CEO of Navori S.A., echoed the sentiment of collaboration and technological advancement, noting, “Navori is joining forces with a leader in digital signage technology. Our immediate goal is to gain from synergies and contribute to the creation of a new technological standard for our industry.”

This acquisition marks a pivotal chapter in the evolution of digital signage solutions, with BroadSign International, Inc. and Navori International S.A. setting the stage for innovative developments and expanded services in this tech-driven landscape. As these two industry giants unite, the digital signage sector anticipates a wave of technological advancements and enhanced service offerings that will shape the future of digital advertising and content delivery.

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