Thursday, November 30, 2023

Navori Labs Deploys Digital Signage and Analytics Solution for Walmart de Mexico y Centroamerica

Navori Labs Unleashes Digital Signage and Analytics Powerhouse at Walmart de Mexico y Centroamerica

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SWITZERLAND – Navori Labs, a Swiss software innovator, is pleased to announce the successful deployment of a cutting-edge digital signage and AI-based camera analytics solution for Walmart de Mexico y Centroamerica, a leading name in the retail industry. This collaboration introduces an integrated approach to enhance shopper insights and advertising strategies in more than 350 Walmart Supercenter and Sam’s Club locations throughout Mexico.

Navori Labs has seamlessly integrated its QL digital signage software with Aquaji analytics to create a unified solution for Walmart Connect, the omnichannel retail media business of Walmart de Mexico y Centroamerica. This innovative solution is now operational in 173 Walmart Supercenters and 180 Sam’s Club locations across Mexico, with the remaining 20 stores soon to follow suit.

The integrated Navori Labs solution empowers Walmart de Mexico y Centroamerica to collect invaluable customer engagement data and offer comprehensive analytics, including shopper demographics, to their Digital Out-of-Home (DOOH) advertising partners who promote their brands across in-store digital media networks. What sets Navori Labs apart is its unique ability to provide an in-house-developed marketing analytics solution, ensuring seamless interoperability with QL’s digital signage content management and playout workflow.

Walmart de Mexico y Centroamerica recognized the potential of Navori Labs earlier this year when business leaders expressed a keen interest in developing a digital signage strategy that would support programmatic DOOH advertising, ad campaign management, and proof of playback reporting. Navori’s Aquaji solution not only offers shopper demographics and foot traffic data within QL’s CMS but also provides proof of play data for advertisements.

This data proves invaluable to Walmart de Mexico y Centroamerica and its advertising partners, enabling them to access in-depth analytics that help fine-tune campaign strategies based on real-time, store-level customer behaviors captured through Aquaji cameras. Each store currently features a camera near the entrance, which can automatically track customers while maintaining their anonymity. These cameras are installed with a “Totem” that includes a large built-in portrait display for digital signage content presentation, powered by QL software.

Walmart Connect has ambitious plans to expand its utilization of QL-powered displays and Aquaji cameras in strategic store locations, including integration with existing system-on-chip (SoC) displays showcasing digital signage content.

Jonatan Fasano, Head of Product at Walmart Connect Mexico y Centroamerica, commented, “The Totem has an audience measurement camera that provides us with invaluable data, helping us better understand our customers’ consumption habits to offer segmented strategies based on our advertisers’ campaign objectives.”

Furthermore, Walmart Connect plans to deploy additional QL features, including its advertising campaign module, advanced content scheduling, and context-aware automation for content playout. These features will automate content management based on business rules, reducing the need for manual day-to-day tasks.

The unified solution is already helping DOOH advertisers maximize their campaigns by selecting the optimal days and times to target their desired demographics in-store. This is one of the standout benefits that Navori Labs CEO Jerome Moeri envisioned upon bringing Aquaji to the market.

Jerome Moeri stated, “As the first to market with a unified digital signage and analytics solution, we are now seeing the benefits of this technology in action for Walmart de Mexico y Centroamerica and other Navori customers. Instead of piecing together software solutions from disparate vendors, the native interoperability of QL and Aquaji offers our customers an out-of-the-box solution that produces immediate results, making smarter business decisions and improving the customer experience. We look forward to extending the solution into additional high-traffic areas of Walmart de Mexico y Centroamerica to capture an even broader set of data for stores and advertisers.”

For more information, visit for QL digital signage and for AQUAJI marketing analytics.

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