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ECI Installs BrightSign Digital Signage Players at Grocery Chain’s 680+ Locations

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BrightSign® announced today that ECI Communications Corporation, one of the largest, most advanced AV system contractors in the world, used solid-state BrightSign HD110 dynamic looping players to deliver the digital signage it designed and installed for a grocery chain’s more than 680 locations. The video signage is used to display featured frozen food products and special offers from a variety of suppliers. The videos rotate in a loop to continually attract and keep customers’ attention as products are highlighted.

Since the installation was completed, the grocery chain has experienced a significant growth in frozen food sales from the freezers with video signage–as much as 3 to 5 times more than sales from the conventional freezers. Customer response has been so positive that the ROI for this project was realized more quickly than anticipated.

The grocery chain wanted to install video signage in every frozen food section above the freezers to attract customer attention, highlight various brands and generate increased sales. The video signage had to fit esthetically into the store’s look and feel, yet stand out enough to make an impact on shopper buying decisions. In addition, the video signage had to be sufficiently durable to withstand 24-7 playtimes and be tamper-proof so the units could not be altered or stolen. It also had to be easily controlled from a central location so video content could be changed or added at any given time throughout the entire chain or in select stores, depending on marketing and sales objectives. With more than 680 retail locations throughout the US, the grocery chain wanted to work with a company that has a national presence and could install and service this project quickly and professionally at all their locations– simultaneously. ECI was chosen for the project because of its outstanding national reputation for creating awardwinning audio/video systems for some of the biggest brands in the world, including AT&T, Hilton Hotels, Sony, Polo, Armani, Federated Department Stores and L’Oreal.

The digital signage solution ECI designed and installed for the grocery chain features BrightSign HD110 dynamic looping players with a solid-state platform to deliver full-HD video and high-quality images at all 680 retail locations. The solid-state platform provides higher reliability and is significantly more affordable than PC-based solutions, both on unit pricing and power consumption.

A 26″ commercial grade-video monitor mounted on top of a freezer replaces the standard “end cap” — the most visible, most desirable location within the store. The ultra-compact BrightSign HD110 digital media players were discreetly hidden behind each video screen.

“The technology and price point of the BrightSign line of digital controllers makes it possible for grocery stores of all sizes to gain a competitive edge today,” said Robert Crozer, ECI Communications Owner. “They’re easy to install and require almost no technical expertise outside of a “drag and drop” function. Even people who don’t have software training can create content, schedule displays and manage a BrightSign digital signage solution in minutes. And, because the solutions are based on solid-state technology, PC issues, including the ‘blue screen of death,’ rebooting and viruses are eliminated.”

For simple looping playback, Crozer recommends the BrightSign HD110, which not only provides single image displays, but multi-zones as well, ensuring multiple impressions via a rich, vibrant, hi-definition display. Using the included Bright Author software, ECI Communications’ clients can easily create playlists and publish the new content directly to an SD card without significant training.

For clients that want to further enhance their customers’ shopping experience with the ability to select information of interest to them, Crozer chooses the BrightSign HD410. This model adds basic interactivity to digital signs with buttons and lighting that can be used to playback information such as nutritional data, recipes, serving suggestions, etc.

“Setup of interactive playlists is straightforward, allowing designated personnel to easily assign playback of media to touch screen buttons,” Crozer explained. “The HD410 can also track and capture valuable usage statistics and store that data on the controller’s internal memory, which helps retailers better understand how users are interacting with the display.”

Availability, Pricing
BrightSign’s HD110 looping digital sign controller and HD410 interactive digital sign controller are available from the BrightSign Store. The price for the HD110 is US$284.99 and US$349.99 for the HD410. BrightAuthor 2.0 software, the central interface for BrightSign single-site and networked digital signage displays, is included free of charge to all BrightSign customers and runs on a standard Windows PC running XP or Vista and Windows 7.

About ECI Communications
For more than 40 years, ECI Communications has designed and installed award-winning audio/video systems for America’s biggest brands (AT&T, Hilton Hotels, Sony), haute couture (Polo, Armani, Michael Kors), public venues (Rock & Roll Hall of Fame, Knoll International) and retail spaces (Federated Department Stores, Music Land Group, Polo Ralph Lauren, L’Oreal). A national company with corporate offices in Florida and New Jersey, ECI Communications has strategic partnerships and alliances with all the leading manufacturers and technology providers to ensure it is always at the forefront of the industry. For more information, visit

About BrightSign
BrightSign, LLC, based in Saratoga, California, develops products and software for digital signage. BrightSign solidstate digital sign controllers set new standards for both stand-alone and networked digital signage applications with their superior video quality, reliability, affordability, ease of use and interactivity. Online information about BrightSign units is available at For sales inquiries, please contact sales [at] or call 408-852-9263 in the USA and +44-1223-911842 internationally.

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