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Resourcery Partners Cisco on Digital Signage Solutions

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Resourcery logoResourcery plc has partnered Cisco Nigeria on the unveiling of digital media signage solutions to the Nigerian market.

Senior Research Analyst, Resourcery Plc, Olaseni Olorunfemi confirmed this at the weekend, noting that as media experiences become more immersive, requiring more interactivity, organizations understand the need for investment in cutting-edge technologies to give them competitive advantage.

It is on this basis, that the two firms decided to pull resources on Digital Media System (DMS) to enable organizations in the country to create, manage, and access compelling digital media to easily connect customers, employees, partners, or students- anywhere, anytime.

“It is a flexible and comprehensive solution for publishing digital content to digital signage displays, desktops, and multimedia phones. Using the power of the Internet Protocol (IP) network, this solution can deliver live and on-demand content to enable organizational transformation by putting the human face back into business,” Olaseni said, adding that Digital Media is effective because it brings both intimacy and immediacy to communications and information.

Some of the benefits of this technology collaboration Olaseni said, include improved customer experience, improved marketing and branding, quick and effective training for newly introduced products and services, as well as live and on-demand video broadcasts.

“Sales and marketing units can use it to grab viewer’s attention and communicate product and service information to their customers. Corporate Communications department can use it for direct line of communication to employees, customers or for immediate executive communication. Human Resources department can use it for cost-effective training to remote employees,” the analyst said.

According to Olaseni, Cisco digital signs are ideal for organizations in a wide variety of industries, including financial services, retail, government, education, healthcare, sports and entertainment, safety and security, and transportation.

“Organizations can use digital signage solutions to boost sale and improve corporate communication. The solution is currently being adopted in many countries around the world, especially in corporate environments, shopping malls, airports and educational institutions. Quite a number of companies in Nigeria have begun installing this solution as well,” Olaseni said.

Champion Infotech recalls that Resourcery is a dominant player in the African ICT market, empowering its customers through technology, which has continued to leverage on its strategic global alliances to bring cutting-edge solutions to the African market.

Also, Resourcery provides end to end business solutions across multiple platforms and multiple solutions, empowering businesses through the delivery of value added technology solutions.

Source: Cisco

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