Tuesday, September 26, 2023

Adissy Equips Formula Kino With Digital Menu Boards

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Company Adissy implemented a project to equip the dynamic menu-board restaurants and cafes first cinema network “Formula Kino” in St. Petersburg.

Throughout the world, static advertising is gradually replaced by dynamic. Replaced by static light panels, posters and other traditional media comes digital signage system with dynamic content, much better attract and retain viewers’ attention. Digital systems offer many advantages, including:
* Centralized, efficient and timely updating of information.
* Integration with information systems cafe or restaurant.
* The ability to display dynamic clips with special offers.
* Ability to integrate with social media (Twitter, FourSquare, AlterGeo, etc.).

Adissy solutions are built on the software package by German company Friendlyway , one of the world’s leading software for Digital Signage. Dynamic content is reproduced by industrial miniPK AOpen and displayed on a professional Philips LCD panels .

According to IT-director of ” Formula Kino “Andrew Alikberova,” the introduction of dynamic menu-boards is primarily associated with the manufacturability: now you can quickly and inexpensively change the information for display and remotely control the system as a whole. In addition, it is fashionable and modern, it focuses the attention of visitors on the fact that our theaters employ advanced technology and are equipped with the latest technology. In the near future in all cinemas network Formula Kino, starting with the largest available static structures will be replaced with dynamic ones. With this planned gradual introduction of interactive technologies with our guests. ”

Source: Adissy

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